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SPAM - We Need Your Help!

Everyone Hates SPAM !

It fills your inbox, making it harder to read the mail that you really want to read. Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) now filter spam for you automatically. This is especially true of the larger ISPs, such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL. Without getting into the dynamics of how everything works and individual email programs and thereby boring everyone, here is a short explanation.

If you are a registered user or even if you are not, but have requested that the Phillips DNA Project keep you up-to-date on project news and newsletter announcements, we need YOUR HELP!

It is extremely important that you add these addresses to your email contacts or email address book:


Please help us keep what has happened to FTDNA from happening to this Website.  FTDNA has had to battle with those larger ISPs  (Yahoo, Microsoft, etc.) to correct their status as a non SPAMMER.  Because some people who subscribed to emails from FTDNA failed to add FTDNA's email addresses to their contacts, mail from FTDNA has been diverted into SPAM Folders.  As the emails in the SPAM Folders expires and is removed, this is reported to SPAM monitoring companies to which ISPs subscribe. It can end up making our website appear on the dreaded "blacklist" of known SPAMMERS.  This will make it more difficult for the Phillips DNA Project to communicate with those of you that desire to receive project updates via email.

PLEASE HELP US avoid this by adding the above email addresses to your email's contact list or address book.  Even as of right now, people are reporting that Comcast is blocking emails from FTDNA.

If you do not want to receive emails from the project, just send a message to us and we will remove your email address with no questions asked.

Thanks for staying involved!