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Do you have old photos of you Phillips ancestors?  Our project has set aside space so you can share them with all the project's members.  If you would like to submit a scan of your photo or photos, please follow these easy steps for submission:

1. Each photo scan should be no larger than 500KB

2. If sending more than 1 photo, make sure the total of the file sizes do not exceed 2MB; that is four photos if they are all 500KB.

3. Make sure you include information about each photo. Names, birth dates and marriage dates, parents names if you like, with their vitals.

4. Email them to "photos {the '@'sign} phillipsdnaproject.com"

5. Email subject must contain: Your name and the Family Group with which they are associated, if any. If you are not part of a family group, then use your Haplogroup and the state in which your ancestors resided.

Please allow a few days for your photos to be posted and remember to include information about those pictured in the photo. If you submit more than one, please distinguish what information goes with each photo.