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Project Newsletters

Our project has released newsletters since 2009.  These newsletters contain a lot of information contributed by our members such as, family histories, success stories, general interest and much more.  As of June 2014, there are over 50 newsletters with over 400 pages of information.

Archived For Downloading

The project only posts the current newsletter online for viewing, however all of the past Phillips DNA Project's Newsletters are saved and available for download at any time. There are two choices of format, PDF and XPS.  Please click on any of the newsletter year links found on this page or you can start browsing from here.


You may want to open and search the Index of all Newsletters in PDF format if you are looking for a specific article, person or place mentioned. This index is also available in XPS format.

Each individual yearly archive page we maintain contains a "Table of Contents" of each newsletter available for download.