Phillips Families Needed

We have been contacted by Grover looking for information on two Phillips sisters of Marion County, GA. If anything looks familar, please contact Nancy and she will relay the information to Grover.

Grover wrote...

Two sisters, both married to the same man, and eighteen children from the marriages, yet nothing is known about the family of the two sisters. Sarah Ann Tyler Phillips, the oldest sister, married Marcus M Livingston on March 6, 1849 in Marion County, Georgia. Sarah, Marcus and their family appear in the 1850 and 1860 census for Marion County, Georgia, but only Sarah and the children appear in the 1870 census for Marion County.

After the Civil War, Marcus shows up in the 1870 census for Texas in McClennan County with Martha Phillips, the younger sister. They have three children, one of which is 11 years old and born in Georgia. The family story is that Marcus had an affair with Martha in Georgia and a child was born. Martha's full name was Lucy Ann Elizabeth Martha Jane Phillips and supposedly she was named after several aunts.

 No record has been found of Sarah and Martha's family. In fact, no record of Martha in Georgia has been found. Family lore is that they were sisters raised by a Phillips family. So who were the parents of these two sisters, and where was Martha in Georgia?


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