Project Success Stories

Danny Phillips Success Story

I am 53 years old with 3 grown children, two granddaughters and another due in June.  I have lived in Macon County, Tennessee, my entire life.  Macon County is about one hour west of Overton County, Tennessee, where many Phillips lived.  I have worked as a meat department manager since high school.

I started genealogy about 25 years ago and zipped right through my mother's family but found that my Phillips line was not so easy.  I spent hours in libraries, courthouses, even flying to Oklahoma where my great grandfather migrated in 1905.  NO LUCK.  After all those years and TOO much money, I heard about DNA.

I had my doubts but was willing to take a chance.  I am so glad I did...shortly after testing, I received emails from two matches.  Beverly Phillips' husband and I are almost exact matches and Doyle Phillips is very close.  Beverly was a great help in sorting out my connections.  Without her help, I would still be looking for that missing link.  I also enjoy Doyle's emails and applaud his hard work.  Nancy and Carolyn have also been very helpful.

Through my research, I felt that my great grandfather, Joseph Phillips, was a son of Martin Phillips.  My DNA test proved that to be true.  I am descended from John Phillips [died1801], his son Robert Phillips [1773-1857], his son Martin Phillips [1801-1868], his son Joseph H. Phillips [1850-after 1920], his son David Benson Phillips [1886-1968], and finally my father, who is still living.

I still have work to do to document my ancestry and feel blessed to have all of my new-found DNA cousins as family to help me along the way.  I DO consider myself a "poster child" for DNA testing and would encourage every genealogist to participate.  May God Bless You All!