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The singles listed on this page are probably not related to anyone else listed here through their Phillips lines within 1,000 years.  This suggests the surname Phillips was adopted by many different unrelated men as surnames gradually came into existence from 1000 AD to 1800 AD.  In other words, we do not all trace back to a single Phillips family.  If you do not find your Phillips family on this page today, be sure to check back frequently in the future.  We are currently gaining approximately 5-10 new members per month.

We list all pedigrees for those who wish to be listed.  We also post DNA results and pedigrees obtained from other online public databases.  If you recognize your DNA results or pedigree and wish to have them removed, let us know.  We hope that all Phillips families will eventually be listed on this page.  We also hope to ultimately locate male descendants of every Phillips family to arrange for their DNA testing. Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we strongly encourage DNA testing. 

Please note that these pedigrees do not contain a lot of detailed information.  
They are intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  They are NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known about these families or to reveal the identity of any participants.  Each ancestor's information should fit on one line and include name, birth date, birth place and wife's name.  These pedigrees do not include any marriage information other than the name of the wife, and do not include any death information or any details on the wife.  Our pedigrees begin with the earliest known paternal Phillips ancestor.

TIP: There are hundreds of pedigrees posted on this page.  The quickest and easiest way to look for your Phillips ancestors on this page is to use the search device in your tool bar and search for the last names of the wives of your Phillips ancestors.  Be sure to try different spellings.  Another effective search is to use the names of the cities, counties, parishes or shires where your Phillips family lived.

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Kit number 570732

1.  Samuel Phillips d 1832 Sampson Co NC, m Hannah Dickson
2.  David Phillips b 1810 Sampson Co NC, m Jane A. Ellis
3.  Samuel James Phillips b 30 Oct 1830 Sampson Co NC, m Eliza E. Godwin
4.  Joe Cephas Phillips b 24 June 1875 Sampson Co NC, m Estella Lockamy
5.  Casper Phillips b 12 March 1912 Sampson Co NC, m Mary Edith Jackson

Kit number N73959

1.  Johann Peter Philipp b 12 Sept 1822 Germany, m 1) Magdalene Kronenberg, m 2) Katharina Kronenberg
2.  Michael P. Philipp b 30 Nov 1862 Germany, m Magadalena Hamm
3.  Francis A. Philipp b 28 Dec 1888 PA (possibly Lackawanna Co), m Bridget A. Duggan

Kit number 113980

1.  Possibly Rev. Zillman Phillips bc 1799 SC, m Rosanna unknown?
2.  Alfred Phillips bc 1824 SC, m Elizabeth F. McCarter
3.  Van Dock Phillips b May 1870 AL, m Theodoshia Elizabeth Peek
4.  Willie Samuel Phillips b 12 Jan 1898 Jackson County, AL, m Maude Elizabeth Gant

Kit number B151585

1.  Joel Phillips bc 1794 NC or SC, m Charlotte unknown
2.  Lewis Phillips bc 1819 Kershaw Co SC, m 2) Elizabeth Margaret Knight
3.  Wesley David Phillips bc 1848 Kershaw Co SC, m Mary Anne Cato
4.  James Wylie Phillips b 9 Aug 1870 Kershaw Co SC, m Mollie L. Catoe
5.  Zeb Vance Phillips b 19 Sept 1897 Kershaw Co SC, m Sarah Ella Mclaurin

Kit number 1006136

1.  William Phillips b 30 Sep 1813 Aston, Warwickshire, England, m Mary Ann Gwillum
2.  Thomas Gwillum Phillips b 12 Mar 1855 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England, m Zillah Bckett
3.  Ernest Benjamin Phillips b 12 Mar 1884 Ogden, Weber, Utah, m Rosebelle Hannah Elmer
4.  Thomas Ray Phillips b 24 Mar 1915 Ogden, Weber, Utah, m Marian Price


Kit number 961967

1.  Darius Phillips b 27 Dec 1835 Bracken Co KY, m Teka Ann "Annie" Curtis
2.  James Buchanan Phillips b 10 Oct 1859 Bracken Co KY, m Carrie Centha Ray
3.  Sam Parish Phillips b 24 Feb 1916 Pettis Co MO, m Goldie Mae Jett

Kit number 397262

1.  James William Phillips m Mary Dodeman or Doggett ca 1844 England
2.  Edward William Phillips bc 1845 England, m Katherine Janet Phillips
3.  Alfred Edward Phillips b 2 July 1864 St. Marylebone, London, England, m Ruth Louisa Grandjean
4.  Alfred Edward Phillips aka Adrian Emile March Phillipps bc 1896 St. Marylebone, London, England, m Susan Lyne-Pirkis

Kit number 127384

1.  Frederick A. Phillips b Aug 1861 Ireland, m 1) Elizabeth unknown, m 2) Sarah Mould
2.  Robert Emerson Phillips b 9 June 1909 Brooklyn NY

Kit number 180967

1.  Peter Joseph Jolier Phillips b 25 Jan 1779 France, m Effie Westervelt
2.  James Westervelt Phillips b 17 Feb 1819 Orange Co NY, m Harriet Olivia Lyons
3.  Harrison Phillips b 28 Jan 1863 Lake Co IN, m Araminta Eliza Hough
4.  Keith Raymond Phillips b 29 Jan 1912 Linn Co OR, m protected, still living

Kit number 160093

1.  Thomas Phillips bc 1818 Bristol England, m Harriet Turner
2.  Thomas Phillips bc 1842 Bristol England, m Elizabeth A Longden
3.  Thomas Phillips b 24 June 1876 Bristol England, m Elizabeth Louise Hoskin

Kit number 228279

1.  James Phillips bc 1784 Carew, Pembrokeshire, Wales, m Margaret Llanboidy
2.  Thomas Phillips b 21 May 1821 Cosheston, Pembrokeshire, Wales, m Rachel Evans
3.  James Phillips b 8 March 1848 Gladlys, Aberdare, Glamorganshire, m Jane Lewis
4.  Thomas Phillips b 1 March 1879 Aberdare, Glamorganshire
5.  Illtyd Phillips b 6 June 1908 Cwmaman, Aberdare, Glamorganshire

Kit number 262102

1.  Possibly Thomas Phillips bc 1742, m Anna Owings
2.  Thomas Phillips b 1 Oct 1775 Baltimore, MD, m Rebecca Irelan
3.  George Owen Phillips bc 1810 Clermont Co, OH, m Anna C. Noble
4.  Aaron Merzi Phillips b 22 Nov 1837 Clermont Co, OH, m Sarah Jones
5.  Grover Cleveland Phillips b 28 Jan 1883 Cloverland, Clay Co, IN, m Myrtle Vada Dickey
6.  Harold Finis Phillips b 4 Oct 1926 Vernon Co, MO, m Darlene Dailey

Kit number IN56706

1.  Edmund Phillips d 1 Jan 1854 Reading, Berkshire, England, m Elizabeth Elkens
2.  Samuel Elkens Phillips b 3 Dec 1813 Reading, Berkshire, England, m Mary Fowler
3.  William Alfred Phillips b 19 July 1856 Brighton, Sussex, England, m Ida Stocker
4.  Francis Edward Phillips b 15 Dec 1902 London, England, m Doris Leech


Kit number B362328

1.  Johannes "John" Philipps  Hesse-Darmstadt, m Anna Elisabetha Jungmann
2.  Jacob J Phillips b 4 Oct 1854 Hessen Germany, m Ida Hartmann
3.  Walter Hartmann Phillips b 8 Dec 1896 NY, m Neva Gertrude Springer

Kit number 441822

1.  William Phillips b 9 Oct 1816 Chatham, Kent Co, England, m Charlotte Beazley
2.  Thomas Truslow Phillips b 2 Jan 1848 Portsea, Hampshire, England, m Annie Ah Chun
3.  Thomas Phillips b 15 Dec 1883 Hong Kong, m Evelyn Marie Burtenshaw

Kit number 158484

1.  Payton Phillips b 5 Sept 1783 NC, m Rebecca Phillips, daughter of Jonathan Phillips
2.  Eli Phillips b Oct 1814 NC, m Matilda Viars
3.  Robert Franklin Phillips b 7 August 1844 Wilkes Co NC, m 1) Rebecca Powell
4.  Hoy Columbus Phillips b 9 Jan 1882 Ashe Co NC, m 1) Nancy Elizabeth Church
5.  James Blaine Phillips b 14 Oct 1906 Ashe Co NC, m Annie May Lingle

Kit number 75011

1.  Unknown Phillips b England, m Elizabeth unknown
2.  James H. Phillips b 1862 Chautauqua Co NY, m Catherine Zimmerman
3.  John Howard Phillips b 1899 Cuyahoga Co OH, m Annie Lyon


1.  Lazarus S Phillips b 1815 NC, m Margaret Alexander (?)
2.  Mary J Phillips b 1841, liaison with unknown Lewis/Louis?
3.  Robert Marion Phillips b 7 April 1860 Yancey Co NC, m Rachel Malinda Fender
4.  Cash Phillips b 5 March 1905 Yancey Co NC, m Dessie Tipton

Kit number 327537

1.  James Huw Phillips bc 1830 Pembrey, Carmarthenshire, Wales, m Rebecca unknown
2.  Henry Phillips bc 1870 Waunarlwydd, Swansea, Wales, m Mary Morgan
3.  William Herber Phillips bc 1896 Loughor, Glamorgan, Wales, m Morfydd Thomas

Kit number MI28006

1.  Robert Phillips possibly b 1782 Wiltshire, England, m Elizabeth Hiscock
2.  John James Phillips b 1830 Hampshire, England, m Elizabeth Jago
3.  Edward John James Phillips b 12 March 1860 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, m Annie Cook
4.  Edward John James Phillips b 11 June 1910 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, m Honora Waterer

Kit number 754712

1.  James G. Phillips b 6 Sept 1867 Creighton, Allegheny Co PA, m Serena Straub
2.  Park Phillips b 1 Sept 1897 Tarentum, Allegheny Co PA, m Elizabeth Kessler

Kit number N88318

1.  Thomas Phillips bc 1831 England, m unknown
2.  Thomas Phillips bc 1860 England (county of Kent?), m Emily Sarah Barber
3.  Charles Thomas Phillips b 25 Feb 1886, London, East Plumstead, England, m Jessie Amy Elliott
4.  Frank Elliott Phillips b 15 June 1913, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, m protected, still living

Kit number 186823

1.  Possibly Thomas Phillips bc 1720 Albourne, Sussex, England, m Mary Luke
2.  Possibly Philip Phillips b 17 April 1763 Albourne, Sussex, England, m Mary Baley
3.  Alfred Phillips b 11 May 1800 Albourne, Sussex, England, m Sarah L. Sanders
4.  Alfred William Phillips b 2 Nov 1828/29 Halburn Clayton, Sussex, England, m Fredericka Augusta Brown
5.  Ardelle William Phillips b 15 June 1862 Millcreek, Salt Lake, UT, m Lucy Caroline Bullock
6.  Ray William Phillips b 25 Nov 1895 Millcreek, Salt Lake, UT, m Barbara Ellen Denison

Kit number 157464

1.  Richard Phillips b 1670 Nettlebed, Oxfordshire, England, m Margaret unknown
2.  Noah Phillips b 1708 Nettlebed, Oxfordshire, England, m Kateren Dodd
3.  Richard Phillips b 1741 Nettlebed, Oxfordshire, England, m Frances unknown
4.  John Phillips b 1770 Nettlebed, Oxfordshire, England, m Martha Neale
5.  William Phillips b 1806 Nettlebed, Oxfordshire, England, m Susannah Swell
6.  Owen Phillips b 1836 Nettlebed, Oxfordshire, England, m Mary Sabina Heath
7.  Alfred Arthur Phillips b 1872 Earley, Reading, Berkshire, England, m Alice May Brooker
8.  Reginald Horace Phillips b 1905 Reading, Berkshire, England, m Hilda Clarice Hinwood

Kit number 243435 

1.  Possibly Thomas Phillips bc 1745, m Ann Clack
2.  Benjamin Phillips bc 1800 Brunswick Co VA, m Mary Walton
3.  Thomas W. Phillips b Dec 1827 or 1828 Brunswick Co VA, m Martha Ann Mitchell
4.  Peter Wyche Phillips b 21 June 1866 Brunswick Co VA, m Alice J. Mitchell
5.  Oscar Leslie Phillips b 12 Nov 1886 Brunswick Co Va, m Rosa Lillian Delbridge

Kit number 161129

1.  John Phillips bc 1829 NC, m Rachael Arnold
2.  John W. Phillips b Oct 1863 TN, m Mary Alice Lipford
3.  Sylvannus (Van) Phillips b 6 March 1884 Johnson Co TN, m 1) Jett (Jude) Dotson, m 2) Ethel Mae Howard

Kit number 188642

1.  Jacob Philips, birth place and date unknown
2.  Maurice Philips bc 1865 Birmingham England, m Sophia Jane Webb
3.  Edward Jacob Philips b 25 Dec 1910 Paddington London, m Annie Priscilla Rees

Kit number 342741

1.  Edward Phillips bc 1789 Glouchestershire, England, m Martha unknown
2.  Samuel Phillips bc 1827 Longstanton, Cambridgeshire, England, m Harriet Cook
3.  Joshua Phillips bc 1851 Longstanton, Cambridgeshire, England, m Alice Wilmot
4.  William Phillips bc 1880 Longstanton, Cambridgeshire, m Louisa Leonora Bostock
5.  Horace William Phillips b 1905 Walthamstow, Cambridgeshire, England, m Mabel Iris Evelyn Riches

Kit number 116480

1.  Richard L Phillips bc 1828 Greene Co NC, m 1) Mary unknown, m 2) Nancy Edwards
2.  Samuel F Phillips b 6 Aug 1866 Greene Co NC, m Susan Ella Phillips
3.  Albert LaRoy Phillips b 1906 Lenoir Co NC, m Bonnie Jarman

Kit number 177099

1.  Michael Phillips b 1784 Suffolk England, m Elizabeth Rissbrook
2.  John Michael Phillips b ca 1815 Southwark England, m Susanna Larter
3.  Albert E Phillips b ca 1865 Southwark England, m Hannah M Giles
4.  Arthur Frederick Phillips b 1892 Essex England, m Rose Amy Halls

Kit number 77257

1.  James Phillips b unknown d unknown m unknown
2.  Michael Phillips bc 1819 Dublin Ireland, m Margaret Kilroy
3.  Donald Edward Phillips b 9 March 1872 Bangalore India, m Ellen Gertrude Potter

Kit number 157461

1.  William Phillips bc 1815 Whitchurch, Hampshire, England, m Hannah Rolfe
2.  William Thomas Phillips b 1841 Whitchurch, Hampshire, England, m Charlotte Grainger
3.  Sidney George Phillips b 1880 Reading, Berkshire, England, m Beatrice Ashby
4.  William Thomas Phillips b 10 May 1913, Reading, Berkshire, England, m Dorothy Hilda Longhurst

Kit number 63751

1.  John Robert Phillips b 19 Dec 1881 Jacksonville FL, d 1931 St. Louis MO, m Anna Jean Hueffmann

Kit number 441794

1.  John Billips/Phillips bc 1770 England, m Mary unknown
2.  Richard Phillips b 1794 Distington, Cumberland, England, m Sarah Myers
3.  John Phillips b 3 Nov 1833 Workington, Cumberland, England, m Mary Ann Beattie
4.  John Robert Phillips b 11 May 1878 Workington, Cumberland, England, m Lizzie Emma Fisher
5.  Maurice Phillips b 1 Feb 1918 Workington, Cumberland, England, m Joan Edith Keeble

Kit number 445856

1.  Matthew Henry Philips bc 1778, m Martha Barnes
2.  Albert Gallatin Philips b 30 Nov 1804 Baldwin Co GA, m Margaret Ann Hendricks
3.  Albert Gallatin Philips b Aug 1850 Jacksonville, Duval Co FL, m Genevieve Pratt
4.  Albert Gallatin Philips b 18 Feb 1884 Palatka, Putnam Co FL, m Beatrice Ethel Waid

Kit number 273212

1.  John Phillips bap 1635? St. Gluvias, Cornwall, England, m Mary Eonn
2.  John Phillips bap 1661 St. Gluvias, Cornwall, England, m Ann Phillips
3.  Nathaniell Phillips bap 1683 St. Gluvias, Cornwall, England, m Hannah Joyley?
4.  William Phillips bap 1716 St. Gluvias, Cornwall, England, m Grace Gill
5.  William Phillips bap 1747 St. Gluvias, Cornwall, England, m Catherine Stephens
6.  Nathaniel Phillips bap 1784 St. Gluvias, Cornwall, England, m Elizabeth Gill
7.  Richard Phillips bap 1809 St. Gluvias, Cornwall, England, m Elizabeth King Nicholls
8.  John Henry Phillips bap 1834 St. Gluvias, Cornwall, England, m Jane Anna Anstey
9.  Earnest Charles Phillips b 1879 Devoran, Cornwall, England, m Helena Kent
10. Leslie Ashton Phillips b 1902 Devoran, Cornwall, England, m Edith Townsend

Kit number 361227

1.  John B. Philips bc 1795 VA, m Lucy Hillman
2.  Cornelius J. Phillips b 1830 Alexandria, VA, m Sarah Ann Greenwell
3.  Oscar Washington Phillips b 28 April 1853 Alexandria, VA, m Mary Ella Dyer
4.  Charles Carroll Phillips b 24 Jan 1888 Alexandria, VA, m Rebecca Harding


1.  William Phillips bc 1808, Llanveigan, Breconshire, Wales, m Sara Williams
2.  Edwin Phillips b 15 Nov 1834, Llanveigan, Breconshire, Wales, m Julia Nurse
3.  Edwin Trevor Phillips b 7 Feb 1872, Machen Upper, Monmouth, Wales, m Matilda Davies
4.  Brandon Phillips b 27 June 1900, Abersychan, Monmouth, Wales

Kit number 181543

1.  James Philp bc 1750 Fife Scotland, m Margaret Gilmour
2.  John Philp b 22 Feb 1781 Fife Scotland, m Cathrine Henderson
3.  James Philp b 1 Sept 1807 Fife Scotland, m Janet Wilson
4.  John Philp b 8 Jan 1841 Fife Scotland, m Margaret Kribs


Kit number 145586

1.  Jonathan Phillips bc 1781 probably in Shenandoah or Page Co VA, m Elizabeth Job or Jobe
2.  Andrew Jackson Phillips b 1823 Page Co VA, m Mary Ann Gaines
3.  Jonathan Phillips b April 1861 Page Co VA, m Sarah Margaret Cullers     
4.  Ross G Phillips b Sept 1897 Luray Co VA, m Clara Abarilla Whitmore

Kit number 123370

1.  Ulrich Philipp b 1650 Untervaz Graubünden Switzerland, m Katharina Allemann
2.  Jakob Philipp b 1677 Untervaz Graubünden Switzerland, m Elsbeth Zindel
3.  Rudolf Philipp b 1720 Untervaz Graubünden Switzerland, m Apolonia Martin
4.  Jakob Georg Philipp b 9 Apr 1749 Untervaz Graubünden Switzerland, m Anna Cathrina Saguth
5.  Johann Georg Philipp b 3 Sep 1797 Untervaz Graubünden Switzerland, m Anna Margaritha Krattli
6.  Jacob Philipp b 16 Apr 1823 Untervaz Graubünden Switzerland, m Catharina Boesch
7.  Andrew Philipp b 14 Mar 1867 Gasconade Co MO, m Emma Mary Proett

Kit number 82716

1.  George Gardner Phillips b 20 March 1809 Rensselaer Co NY, m Sally Ann Scriven
2.  Samuel Thomas Phillips b 8 April 1845 Stockton, Chautauqua Co NY, m Viola Naomi Pickett
3.  Clinton Wilson Phillips b 18 Oct 1881 Dewittville Chautauqua Co NY, m 1) Mary Alice Hawley, m 2) Elizabeth Crutchley

Kit number 84566

1.  George Philips, dc 1880-1890 Shenandoah Co VA, m Mary Schroffe
2.  George Washington Philips, bc 1831 Shenandoah Co VA, m Nancy Pearson
3.  Charles Edward Phillips, bc 1863 Shenandoah Co VA, m Laura Ella Ortt
4.  Charles Harry Phillips, b 1902 Shenandoah Co VA, m Florence Mumaw

Kit number 182049

1.  Possibly Stephen Phillips bc 1724 Middlesex Co NJ, m unknown
2.  Possibly John E. Phillips bc 1745 Middlesex Co NJ, m Elizabeth Dever
3.  Possibly james W. Phillips bc 1780 VA (Rockingham Co?), m Nancy Alford
4.  William Phillips b May 1838 VA (Rockingham Co?), m Mary A. Scrogham
5.  James Franklin Phillips b Oct 1883 Augusta Co VA, m Julia Brown Babe


Kit number 441860

1.  Horby Phillips b 7 April 1761 South Somercotes, Lincolnshire England, m Mary Beech

2.  William Phillips b 27 Mar 1791 Theddlethorpe East, Lincolnshire, England, m Frances Ashwood

3.  James Phillips b 1827 Saltfleetby All Saints, Lincolnshire, England, m Elizabeth Gillard

4.  William Thomas Phillips bc 1863 Saltfleetby, Lincolnshire, England, m Martha Whisker

5.  Frederick Phillips b Q4 1904 Burton Constable, Yorkshire, England, m Elizabeth Capper


Kit 113356

1.  Joseph Phillips bc 1798 MD, m Mary Camp
2.  William Perry (Will) Phillips, bc 1846 Monongalia Co VA (now WV), m Martha Jane Austin
3.  Joseph Austin Phillips b 19 Mar 1874 Preston Co WV, m Gracie Lee Moran

Kit number 281453

1.  Findlay Urquhart b bef 1840 and Elizabeth L. "Betty" Philip
2.  George "Urquhart" Philip b 15 May 1857 Echt, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, m Helen Craib
3.  William A. Philip b 2 July 1888 Tarland, Aberdeenshire, Scotland


Kit number 40651

1.  Possibly Nathan/Nahum Phillips b unknown (possibly Rev. or HaVer)
2.  Moses/Moshe Phillips bc 1787 London, m Hatty (Esther?) Jacobs
3.  Tobias/Tuvya Phillips bc 1823 Middlesex England, m Hannah Harris
4.  Joseph Phillips b 1 April 1850 Aldgate, London, m Rosina Barnett
5.  Tobias Phillips b 29 Dec 1880 Bethnal Green, London, m Dinah Shuter

Kit number 174856

1.  James Phillips b 1823 England, m Sylvia unknown
2.  William Phillips b 1854 NY, m Pauline Neitzel
3.  Walter Leonard Phillips b 16 Sept 1881 Onondaga Co NY, m Jessie May Handy
4.  Arthur Leonard Phillips b 17 Oct 1910 Alameda Co CA, m Ray Eloise Hutchinson

Kit number 124770

1.  John Phillips bc 1812 Surrey England, d 4 March 1850 Bermondsey, Surrey England
2.  John Phillips b 7 Oct 1838 Biggleswade, Bedfordshire England
3.  John William Phillips b 18 June 1868 Camberwell, Surrey England
4.  Henry Cullen Phillips b 20 May 1893 Hoxton, Shoreditch, London England

Kit number 92622

1.  George P. Phillips, bc 1817 VA, m Eliza Fox White 24 Dec 1835 Spotsylvania Co VA
2.  Thomas Louis Phillips, b 12 Aug 1854 Kerr Co TX, m 1) Margeritte A. unknown, m 2) Bea Elizabeth (Lelia) Dalton 1882 Brownwood TX
3.  Jesse (Jack) Jackson Phillips, b 15 Mar 1891 Irion Co TX, m Mary Annie Tarrant

Kit number 374276

1.  John P. Phillips bc 1765 in VA, m Basheba Bradshaw
2.  David Barnett Phillips b 13 July 1801 KY, m Catherine 'Katie' Bradshaw
3.  David Voyles Phillips b 7 March 1841 Ohio Co KY, m Julia Anna Newton
4.  Peyton Elwood Phillips b Oct 1871 Hancock Co KY, m Willie Hall
5.  Peyton Elwood Phillips b 27 June 1901 Forrest Co MS, m Minnie Greenman

Kit number 446468

1.  Franciscus Filipowski, m Elizabetha Silvestra Tezierski
2.  Josephus Filipowski b 1817 Bochnia Poland, m Apolonia Gorski
3.  Josephus Filipowski b 1840 Bochnia Poland, m Francisca Neusser
4.  Jacob Joseph Filipowski b 1878 Bochnia Poland, m Anna Camille Tyborowicz
5.  Theodore Phillips b 1910 Frystat Czech Republic, m Helen Victoria Romanisky

Kit number 882061

1.  John Phillips b unknown, m Sarah Lively 29 Ma 1843 Randolph Co IL
2.  Samuel Phillips b 1848 IL, m Mary Lively
3.  William Roy Phillips b 1901 IL, m Ruby Rice


Kit number 912557

1.  Thornton A. Phillips b 1818 Orange Co VA, m Christian Ann Urquhart
2.  Thornton Alexander Phillips Jr. b 24 Mar 1853 Campbell Co VA, m Elizabeth Reynolds
3.  Andrew Jackson Phillips b 21 Jul 1878 Campbell Co VA, m Mary Maddox

Kit number 153600

1.  William Phillips b 1822 Crowlands or Louth, Lincolnshire, England, m Emily Grice
2.  William Phillips b 1856 Driffield, East Yorkshire, England, m Catherine Eliza Hillaby
3.  Tom Phillips c 29 May 1896 Driffield, East Yorkshire, England, m Muriel Lamplough

Kit number 198606

1.  David Franklin Phillips b July 1855 GA, m 1) Reener Touchstone, m 2) Willie Priscilla Fox
2.  Robert Hodges Phillips b 17 Aug 1894 Bibb Co GA, m Harriette Louise Patton

Kit number 210403

1.  John Joseph Phillips bc 1801 NC, m 1) Elizabeth unknown, m 2) Delila Jerrell
2.  John Joseph Phillips b June 1847 Randolph or Moore Co NC, m Mary Ann Melinda Davis
3.  Halliard Claude Phillips b 16 April 1876 Buncombe Co NC, m Dorcas Saphrona Robbins
4.  John Arthur Phillips b 24 Feb 1903 Randolph Co NC, m Lizzie E. Sutton

Kit number 81309

1.  John Phillips d 1759 in Quebec, Canada at the Battle Plains of Abraham, wife Cynthia Brown
2.  John Phillips b 15 May 1751 Trenton, NJ, m Isabella Phinney or Finney
3.  George Rex Phillips b 14 Aug 1812 Oxford Co, Ontario, m 1) Rachel Wilcox, m 2) Clarissa Burwell

Kit number U2351

1.  Rees Phillips bc 1816 Llanddewi Ystradenni, Radnorshire, Wales
2.  John Phillips b 23 Oct 1843 Llanddewi Ystradenni, Radnorshire, Wales
3.  William David Phillips b 25 March 1889 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire, Wales

Kit number 136096

1.  Samuel Phillips bc 1775 MD (?), m. Eleanor "Nelly" Pepple
2.  Andrew Jackson Phillips bc 1830 Ross CO, OH, m. Julia Ann Thompson
3.  William Bose Phillips bc 1871 McDonald Co MO, m. Bertha Nixon
4.  Martin Tone Phillips 18 Jan 1902 Newton Co MO, m. Thelma Elizabeth Duree

Kit number 322121 (ANC2)

1.  John Phillips, bc 1785, m Charlotte Curry
2.  Henry Curry Phillips b 1818 Southwark, Surrey, England, m Emma Figgins
3.  Joseph Phillips b 1845 Lambeth, Surrey, England, m Maria Wheeler
4.  Charles Albert Phillips b 1888 Walworth, London, England, m Lydia Matthews

Kit number 108827

1.  William Phillips bc 1740 Llandeilor Fan, Breconshire, Wales, m unknown
2.  Unknown Phillips bc 1770 Llandeilor Fan, Beconshire, Wales, m unknown
3.  Thomas Phillips b 1803 Llandilofane, Breconshire, Wales, m Elizabeth (Powell?)
4.  Thomas Phillips b 1833 Llandilofane, Breconshire, Wales, m Margaret Gwillim
5.  John Phillips b 1858 Llandilofane, Breconshire, Wales, m Mary unknown
6.  Thomas Phillips b 1895 Breconshire, Wales, m Gwladys Williams

Kit number 141670

1.  Samuel Gary Phillips b 27 Dec 1851 York Co VA, m Sarah Moore
2.  Horatio Pelham Phillips b 6 May 1880 York Co VA, m Mary Carmines

Kit number 221105

1.  William Phillips bc 1755 Cornwall
2.  William Phillips b bef 7 Feb 1779 Cornwall
3.  Hugh Phillips b 30 Nov 1812 Cornwall
4.  Hugh Eugene Phillips b 31 Aug 1852 Mineral Point Iowa Co WI
5.  Maurice Edwin Phillips b 25 Nov 1884 Longview Gregg Co TX 


1.  James Phillips m Mary Marron
2.  Thomas Mathew Phillips bc 1877 NY or OH, m Mary Beatrice Myers

Kit number 159622

1.  Henry Beecher (Beech) Phillips b 16 Jan 1875 NC, m Cora Belle Abbott
2.  Robert Verne (Pat) Phillips b 13 June 1905 Lenoir Co NC, m Carrie Leona Manning

Kit number 380798

1.  Asahel Phillips bc 1790-1800, d bef 1840 Sullivan Co TN, m Rebecca Poe
2.  William K. Phillips bc 1823 Sullivan Co TN, m Mary Jane Marion
3.  James Henry Phillips bc 1854 Sullivan Co TN, m Melissa Penley
4.  John R. Phillips b 26 Feb 1873 Hawkins Co TN, m Katherine Violet "Kate" Smith

Kit number 345273

1.  Possibly James S. Phillips bc 1782 Clearfield Co PA, m Elizabeth Wolf
2.  Solomon W. Phillips b 21 Aug 1816 Clearfield Co PA, m 1) Eleanor Travis, m 2) Susannah Goss
3.  James H. Phillips b 21 Oct 1856 Clearfield Co PA, m Martha F. Britton
4.  John Henry Phillips b 24 Feb 1878 Clearfield Co PA, m Elizabeth 'Lizzie' M. Russell

Kit number 144973

1.  John P. Phillips bc 1774 NC (?), m Permelia Stallings
2.  Wright Phillips b 1819 Posey Co IN, m Rosey Jane Toliver
3.  Martin L. Phillips b 1865 Clay Co IL, m Minnie R. Barlow
4.  Grover Edgar Phillips b 1894 Clay Co IL, m Adelle Hope Vincent

Kit number 123977

1.  Allen Phillips bc 1802 NC, m Susan Winberry
2.  Edward H. Phillips b 15 May 1834 Onslow Co NC, m Margaret Ann Phillips
3.  Wesley P. Phillips b 3 March 1869 Onslow Co NC, m Ellendar Eubanks
4.  Grover Cleveland Phillips b 23 Dec 1900 Pollocksville, Jones Co NC, m Ruth Janie Riggs

Kit number 481770

1.  Julia Phillips b Jan 1830 Worcester Co MD, m unknown
2.  James Phillips b Oct 1862 Worcester Co MD, m Amanda M. Hudson
3.  James H. Phillips b 19 Nov 1895 Worcester Co MD, m Ida May Brubaker

Kit number 820370

1.  Luke Phillips b 1789 England, m Sarah Milway
2.  John H. Phillips b Feb 1821 Milton, Kent, England, m Sarah Elizabeth Rolfe
3.  John Henry Phillips b 1844 Albany NY, m Elizabeth McDermott
4.  William Arthur Phillips b 2 Nov 1886 Oswego NY, m Rosa Blanche Frisby
5.  Irwin William Phillips b 8 May 1908 Oswego NY, m Ruth Alberta Louise Berdine Holton Singer

Kit number 208372

1.  Charles Phillips b 1764 England, m Ann Quartermain
2.  George Phillips b 3 May 1795 Lewknor, Oxfordshire, England, m Sarah Cotterell
3.  William Phillips b 27 May 1838 Lewknor, Oxfordshire, England, m Eliza Stratford
4.  Walter Stratford Phillips b 14 June 1867 Remuera, Auckland, NZ, m Jessie Helena Rafferty
5.  Leslie Stratford Phillips b 2 Oct 1897 Remuera, Auckland, NZ, m Ione Anderson Peacock


1.  Thomas Phillips bc 1805/1807 Ireland
2.  William Burgess (Bergus) Phillips bc 1836 (Ontario Canada?), m Ann Bennett
3.  William Proctor Phillips b 1 Jan 1872 Jefferson Co NY, m Mary Josephine Dravis
4.  Walter Dravis Phillips b 13 Jan 1910 New Orleans, LA, m Nellie Myrtle Stringfield

Kit number 157465

1.  Edward Phillips bc 1779 Ruabon, Wrexham, Wales, m Frances Philip
2.  John Phillips b 18 April 1811 Rhosllanerchrugog, Wrexham, Wales, m Elizabeth Jones
3.  William Phillips b 1856 Rhosllanerchrugog, Wrexham, Wales, m Sarah Powell
4.  William Phillips b 29 June 1880 Rhosllanerchrugog, Wrexham, Wales, m Elizabeth Jones

Kit number 834879

1.  Gatlin Phillips bc 1825 NC, m Mary Venters
2.  Alonza Phillips b 13 May 1864 Craven Co NC, m Alice Garris

Kit number 558353

1.  William Philip bc 1781, m Mary Mead
2.  William Philip b 1814 Aberdeenshire, Scotland, m Ann Clayton
3.  Louis James Philip b 31 Jan 1860 London, England, m Arabella Swete Kelly
4.  Louis James Philip bc 1887 Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, m Violet Gertrude Beale

Kit number 241057

1.  Augustinus Philippo b 1 June 1735 Netherlands, m Marijtje Joosten
2.  Wouter Philippo b 18 Aug 1766 Netherlands, m Helena Verschout
3.  Augustinus Philippo b 14 Feb 1788 Netherlands, m Maria Hos
4.  Wouter Philippo b 24 June 1824 Netherlands, m Gouda Gabel
5.  Augustinus Philippo b 19 July 1851 Netherlands, m Geertje Houwaart
6.  Wouter Philippo b 22 Feb 1876 Netherlands, m Catharina Douwes

Kit number 184531

1.  John Phillips bc 1750 place unknown, lived in Chudleigh, Devon, England, m Elizabeth unknown
2.  George Phillips b 1782 Chudleigh, Devon, England, m Susannah Bickham
3.  George Phillips b 1808 Dawlish, Devon, England, m Mary Martin
4.  Robert Orman Bickham Phillips bc 1853 Truro, Cornwall, England, m Jemima Mackenzie
5.  George Mackenzie Phillips b 1876 Deptford, South London, England, m Mary Anne Hopkinson
6.  Reginald Mackenzie Phillips b 1903 Islington, London, England, m Kathleen Ivy Moore

Kit number 280633

1.  James Phillips b 27 March 1856 Jefferson Co KY and Mary Ann Walker
2.  Frederick Anderson Phillips b 31 Aug 1878 KY and Mary Ella Walker
3.  James Henry Phillips b 6 Sept 1905 Daviess Co KY and Mabel Louise Seifert

Kit number 206072

1.  William Phillips b August 1848 Canada, m Elizabeth Warburton
2.  John Gilbert Phillips b April 1882 England, m Louisa Hause
3.  John Gilbert Phillips b 1915 KY

Kit number 80893

1.  Evan Philips/Phillips bc 1760 Wales, m Jane Unknown
2.  David Phillips b 22 Oct 1786 Ohio Co VA (now WV), m Elizabeth McWilliams
3.  Evan Phillips bc 1821 Guernsey Co OH, m Nancy Brothers
4.  George Martin Phillips b 9 Sept 1856 Richland Co IL, m Rhoda Abbott
5.  Albert Phillips b 14 April 1883 Jasper Co IL, m Grace Thompson

Kit number 40153

1.  James William Phillips bc 1851 Talgarth, Brecknock, Wales, m Emily Marian Grubb
2.  John Reginald Phillips b Dec 1880 Herefordshire England, m Hilda Hawley

Kit number 124383

1.  Joseph Phillips bc 1790 dc 1825, Birmingham UK
2.  Henry Phillips b 1815, Birmingham UK, m Elizabeth Ikin (nee Green)
3.  William Henry Phillips, b 28 Jan 1854, Birmingham UK, m Sarah Dixon
4.  William George Phillips, b 28 Dec 1882, Ladywood, Birmingham UK, m Amy Maud Bromige

Kit number 157458

1.  John Phillips b England, m Mary Gawne 1662 All Saints, Hastings, Sussex, England
2.  Robert Phillips b England, m Elizabeth Punties 1700 All Saints, Hastings, Sussex, England
3.  John Phillips b 1701 Hastings, Sussex England, m Mary Sutton
4.  Thomas Phillips b 1729 Hastings, Sussex, England, m Ann Ridley
5.  George Phillips b 1756 Hastings, Sussex, England, m Elizabeth Meadow
6.  John Phillips b 1774 Hastings, Sussex, England, m Hannah Mills
7.  William Phillips b 20 May 1797 Steyning, Sussex, England, m Elizabeth Mills
8.  Edward Phillips b 1831 Steyning, West Sussex, England, m Emma Tullitt
9.  Henry Phillips b 1869 Steyning, West Sussex, England, m Fanny Wadey
10. Harry James Phillips b 13 Jan 1895 Steyning, West Sussex, England, m Caroline Winton

Kit number 183868

1.  Oliver C. Phillips b bet 1823-1830 Frankford, Philadelphia, PA, m Elizabeth L. Shaw
2.  Charles Leroy Phillips b Dec 1853 Philadelphia, PA, m Edith Bailey
3.  Nelson Bailey Phillips b 21 Oct 1888 Philadelphia, PA, m Sarah Irene Hausman

Kit number 742670

1.  William Phillips b 1748 Breage, Cornwall, England, m Mary Blee
2.  John Phillips bc 1787 Cornwall, England, m Ann Semmens
3.  William Phillips bc 1817 St. Erth, Cornwall, England, m Elizabeth Carlyon
4.  Richard Phillips b 6 Aug 1842 Breage, Cornwall, England, m Grace Johns
5.  Charles John Phillips b 6 Feb 1876 Crowan, Cornwall, England, m Elizabeth Dudley
6.  Harry Phillips b 2 Aug 1903 Redruth, Cornwall, England, m Hilda Maud

Kit number 67809

1.  Michael Phillips bc 1795 GA, m 1) Lydia Unknown m 2) Sarah Unknown
2.  Isom Harrison Phillips b 4 March 1854 Choctaw Co MS, m Sarah (Sally) Delila Brooks
3.  Omer Doston Phillips b 21 May 1887 possibly Webster Co MS, m Missouri Irene Denton

Kit number 50431

1.  William Phillips, b 1739 MD, m Margaret Mince
2.  James Phillips, b 6 March 1768 MD, m Catherine Frizzell
3.  William Phillips, b 3 Dec 1791 MD, m Polly Walker
4.  James Phillips, b 11 Sept 1823 Harrison Co, OH, m Mary Hughs
5.  Wilson Shannon Phillips, b 27 Feb 1855 OH, m Elsie Maria Edgecomb
6.  George Allen Phillips, b 18 Dec 1883 OH, m Edith Lucette Bryant

Kit number 163446

1.  Iredell Phillips bc 1817 NC, m Mary (Polly) Evans
2.  John L. Phillips b 15 Jan 1840 Lawrence Co KY, m Elizabeth Dickenson
3.  George Washington Phillips bc 1872 Lawrence Co KY, m Lydia Hay Phillips


1.  John Phillips Jr b 13 Oct 1766 PA, m Eve Elizabeth Ream
2.  David Phillips b 25 Feb 1810 York Co PA, m Sarah Hosler
3.  William L. Phillips b 13 July 1836 Stark Co OH, m Margaret Steffey
4.  John Theodore Phillips b 16 Aug 1873 Richland Co IL, m Phoebe Delphia Dukeshire
5.  Raymond Oscar Phillips b 18 May 1908 Shelby Co IL, m Christina Mae Arledge

Kit number 79319

1.  Thomas Phillips b 1793 Willenhall, Staffordshire, England, m Elizabeth Read
2.  William Phillips b 1816 Willenhall, Staffordshire, England, m Mary-Ann Hartill
3.  Leonard Phillips b 23 June 1843 Willenhall, Staffordshire, England, m Anne Hunter
4.  William Percy Phillips b 18 July 1867 Willenhall, Staffordshire, England, m Lottie Susannah Wickens

Kit number 976029

1.  James A. Phillips b 1 Mar 1848 Clay County FL, m Mary Jane Gill
2.  Leonard J. Phillips b 1 Mar 1889 FL, m Mary Ann Moore
3.  Edward Thomas Phillips b 18 Aug 1909 Polk City FL, m Lillian Lott

Kit number 100814

1.  William Phillips bc 1810 VA, m Mary Culbert/Culbreath
2.  Edward Alexander Phillips b 1849 Person Co NC, m Mary Ellen Ragan
3.  Robert McKinley Phillips b 1906 Person Co NC, m Eva Kate Smart

Kit number B566616

1.  Peter John Phillip b 1 Sep 1853 Bavaria Germany, m Leah Annis Behem
2.  Willie Walter Phillip b 25 Sep 1878 Jersey Co IL, m Alma Mary Vifquain
3.  Kenneth Kermit Phillip b 22 Aug 1909 Dodge Co NE, m Harriet Jean Kelly

Kit number 519419

1.  Phillip Phillips b 1779 Maryland, m Mary O'Neal
2.  Archibald Phillips b 1819 Rowan Co NC, m Malinda Ammons
3.  David Canady Phillips b 9 Dec 1848 Cherokee Co NC, m Nancy Jane Rogers
4.  Archie Canada Phillips b 21 July 1884 Graham Co NC, m Jessie D. Gunter
5.  Hoyt Clayton Phillips b 1914 Graham Co NC, m Zelma Joyce Sanford

Kit number 153938

1.  John Phillips b 1739 Somerset Co MD, m Rhoda Huffington
2.  Richard Phillips b 1782 Somerset/Dorchester Co MD, m 1) Laura Eleanor Jones, m 2) Elizabeth Percy/Piercy Hurley
3.  James Richard Phillips b 16 Nov 1807 Dorchester Co MD, m Elizabeth Ann Smith
4.  Dr. James Richard Phillips b 8 Oct 1844 Dorchester Co MD, m Sarah Elizabeth Percy
5.  James Richard Phillips Jr b 23 Mar 1883 Prince Georges Co MD, m Audrey May Wimbrow

Kit number 389206

1.  John Phillippe b unknown, d 1605 Welden, Northamptonshire, England, m unknown
2.  Giles Philippe b unknown, d 1663 Little Welden, Northamptonshire, England, m Joan Checley
3.  Edward Phillips bc 1616, d 1680 Weldon, Northamptonshire, England, m Eunice unknown
4.  Jonathan Phillips bc 1648, d 1724 Weldon, Northamptonshire, England, m Sarah Winsall
5.  Jonathan Phillips b unknown, d 1763 Weldon, Northamptonshire, England, m Mary Tansley
6.  Jonathan Phillips bc 1730, d 1801 Weldon, Northamptonshire, England, m Mary unknown
7.  Edward Phillips bc 1758 Weldon, Northamptonshire, England, m Sarah Henson
8.  Edward Phillips bc 1793 Weldon, Northamptonshire, England, m Anne Hill
9.  Robert Phillips bc 1813 Weldon, Northamptonshire, England, m Ruth Harker
10. Edward Phillips b 15 Oct 1848 King's Cliff, Northamptonshire, England, m Matilda Jesson
11. William Phillips b 2 June 1882 Rothwell, Northamptonshire, England, m Emma Summerly
12. Arthur Edward Phillips b 9 June 1911 Desborough, Northamptonshire, England, m Florence Annie Pywell

Kit number 389225

1.  Richard Phillips m Ann Michal/Michael in 1724
2.  Griffith Phillips bap 1727 Penterry, Monmouthshire, m Hester Jones
3.  William Phillips bap 1769 Penterry, Monmouthshire, m Mary Bassett
4.  William Phillips bap 1789 Penterry, Monmouthshire, m Martha Tamplin
5.  Samuel Phillips bap 1819 Monmouthshire, m Eliza Richardson
6.  James Phillips b 1870 Birminghap, Warwickshire, m Jane Jennings
7.  James Wilfred Phillips b 1891 Birmingham, Warwickshire, m Edith Stubbington

Kit number 516229

1.  Isaac Phillips b 20 Jan 1800 NC, m Elizabeth Smith
2.  William Phillips b 18 Sept 1830 Grainger Co TN
3.  John W. Philliips b 4 March 1859 Cocke Co TN
4.  William McKinley Phillips b 29 Jan 1897 Cocke Co TN

Kit number 381707

1.  Andrew Jackson Phillips b 16 Feb 1869 Sullivan Co TN, m Polly Ora Crabtree
2.  Charles Edward Phillips b 13 Feb 1913 Russell Co VA, m Melba Virginia Carlton

Kit number 990310

1.  Daniel Phillips bc 1760 County Antrim, Northern Ireland, m Sarah Boys
2.  Thomas Phillips bc 1790 County Antrim, Northern Ireland, m Margaret Sales/Sailes
3.  John C Phillips b 1812 Belfast, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, m Elizabeth Larmour
4.  Alexander Larmour Phillips b 11 Mar 1855 Neville Island, Allegheny Co PA, m Elizabeth J Dickson
5.  Thomas Leslie Phillips Sr b 8 Aug 1880 Neville Island PA, m Sara Elizabeth Edwards
6.  Thomas Leslie Phillips Jr b 22 Apr 1917 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA, m Gladys Audrey Jones

Kit number 259918

1.  Abraham Phillips bc 1798 St. Martin's Parish, LA, m Adelaide Cheret
2.  Solomon Phillips b 2 Nov 1825 St. Martin's Parish, LA, m Lucinda Beadle
3.  Seward Phillips bc 1880 Louisiana, m Arleaze Faulk
4.  Moody Elsworth Phillips b 14 Dec 1910 Lafayette Parish, LA, m Irene Cecilia Butcher

Kit number 151873

1.  Thomas L. Phillips b 20 March 1823 OH, m Rosanna Iliff
2.  James O. Phillips b 24 May 1850 OH, m Sarah A. Brown
3.  Harry Raymond Phillips b 10 May 1884 Iowa, m Francis Burlingame

Kit number 31873

1.  Spencer Phillips b 15 Dec 1773 Sussex Co DE, m Elizabeth Sharp
2.  Nathaniel Phillips b 12 July 1803 Sussex Co DE, m Eunice R. Carey
3.  Nathaniel Harrison Phillips bc 1832 Sussex Co DE, m Mahala Jane Collins
4.  Walter Wise Phillips b 3 May 1874 Sussex Co DE, m Allie Mae Melson

Kit number 944235

1.  George Phillips b 19 Oct 1679 Shropshire England, n Patience Griffith
2.  Stephen Phillips b 1708 Richland, Bucks Co PA, m Rebecca John
3.  David Phillips b 11 Apr 1750 Chester Co PA, m Hannah John
4.  Abiah Abijah Phillips b 20 May 1780 Philadelphia PA, m Sarah Ann Guest
5.  Franklin Abiah Phillips b 10 Apr 1837 PA, m Althia Washburn
6.  Franklin Alton Phillips b 1 Apr 1869 PA, m Hariette Hattie Corwin
7.  Franklin Webster Phillips b 13 Apr 1898 Kalamazoo MI, m Mary Rose Johnson

Kit number N44942

1.  William Phillips b 19 Feb 1826 Staffordshire England, m 1) Mary A. McBreath, m 2) Lida C. Unknown
2.  William W. Phillips b 7 Feb 1861 Clark Co Ohio, m Sarah Ellen (Nellie) Kershaw
3.  Kenneth W. Phillips b 15 June 1887 Riley Co KS, m Ramona Louise Norton

Kit number 81180

1.  Joshua Phillips Sr., bc 1790 Anson Co NC, m Sarah unknown
2.  Jacob M. Phillips, b 24 Oct 1816 NC, m 1) Catherine Stirewalt m 2) Mary Holly m 3) Leah Cook.
3.  Charley L.F.Phillips, b 18 May 1845 Rowan Co NC, m Katherine L. C. Hoyle
4.  Wallace Hampton Phillips, b 29 May 1877, Lincoln Co NC, m Alma May Gibson

Kit number 339692

1.  Thomas Phillips b 1796 Coventry, Warwickshire, England, m Susanna Simson
2.  William George Phillips b 17 March 1824 Coventry, Warwickshire, England, m Harriot Mill
3.  Father unknown, mother Louisa Phillips b 2 May 1850 Rowan, New South Wales, Australia
4.  William George Phillips b 30 June 1872, Uarbry, New South Wales, Australia, m Esther Jane Walton

Kit number 238578

1.  Samuel Phillips bc 1795 London, England, m Martha Raben
2.  Samuel Charles Phillips bc 1818 London, England, m Anne King
3.  Charles Phillips bc 1853 London, England, m Anne Dawe
4.  Samuel Hedley Phillips b 28 Dec 1890 Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

Kit number 229789

1.  William T. Phillips b April 1850 Lunenberg Co VA, m Mary Procise
2.  Arthur J. Phillips bc 1875 Lunenberg Co VA, m Maggie M. Rutledge
3.  Marvin Eugene Phillips b 2 June or July 1912 Lunenberg Co VA

Kit number 198908

1.  Valentine Phillips bc 1680 Devon, England, m Mary Powell
2.  Henry Phillips b 17 July 1731 Lydford, Devon, England, m Elizabeth Rowe
3.  Roger Phillips b 9 Feb 1766 Lydford, Devon, England, m Susannah Cole
4.  Roger Phillips b 12 July 1789 Lydford, Devon, England, m Elizabeth Hooper
5.  John Phillips b 27 Dec 1829 Lydford, Devon, England, m Amy Hill
6.  John Phillips b 14 Feb 1871 Lydford, Devon, England, m Elizabeth Butler
7.  Frederick Lawrence Phillips b 3 Oct 1894 Newton Abbot, Devon, England, m Dorothy May Wearne

Kit number 631341

1.  Thomas J Phillips bc 1811 DE or MD, m Catharine Smith
2.  Washington Columbus Phillips b 18 Oct 1837 DE, m Jenettie Slead
3.  Clarence Washington Phillips b 16 June 1873 Lyon Co KS, m Kathryn Volz
4.  William Clarence Phillips b 2 April 1900 Lyon Co KS, m Kathryn Volz

Kit number 166684

1.  John Phillips Sr d Feb 1836, Warren Co OH, m Alice unknown
2.  Richard Phillips bc 1805 OH, m Elizabeth Keller
3.  Homer Phillips b 1 Oct 1827 Montgomery Co OH, m Mary Ann Ely
4.  James Ely Phillips b 13 March 1863 Butler Co OH, m Philabena Brill
5.  Charles Lincoln Phillips b 21 Aug 1902 Butler Co OH, m Grace Marie Graham

Kit number 74802

1.  Possibly James Phillips b 1785 Madison Co KY, m Mary unknown
2.  Bennett S Phillips bc 1808 KY, m 1) Frances Craucher, m 2) Mary Elizabeth Johnson
3.  William Bennett Phillips b 1 May 1855 Linn Co MO, m Margaret Isabelle McDonald
4.  Willie Phillips b 19 April 1907 Chariton Co MO, m Alma Edna Alter

Kit number 199152

1.  Harry Phillips, m Ruth Skinner
2.  James Phillips b 19 Jan 1777 Gillingham, Dorset, England,  m Betsy Lingwell
3.  George Phillips b 2 Sept 1827 Chatham, Kent, England, m Francis Taylor Botten
4.  Samuel Charles Phillips b 6 Oct 1859 Chatham, Kent, England, m Lizzie Ann Mary Oliver
5.  Reginald Howard Phillips b 7 July 1893 Chatham, Kent, England, m Alice Florence Roberts

Kit number 566266

1.  Nicholas Phillips bc 1731 New York, m Elizabeth (possibly Dagstetter)
2.  Jacob Phillips b 1767 Corry's Bush, New York, m Mary unknown
3.  Jacob Phillips b 1794, m Sarah Kaake
4.  John Phillips b 1830, m Margaret (Kaiser) Burkholder
5.  Jesse Edgar Phillips b 1861, m Margaret Josephine Agar
6.  John Edgar Phillips b 1894, m Florence Davina McLean

Kit number 451062

1.  Andrew Phillips Sr. bc 1795 North Carolina, m Jane (Butcher) Huddleston
2.  Andrew Phillips Jr. bc 1821 Grainger Co TN, m Biddy Cannon
3.  Henry B. Phillips b 1854 Claiborne Co TN, m Francis Josephine Gray
4.  Walter Samuel Phillips b 11 Nov 1881 Claiborne Co TN, m Martha Sandifer


1.  John Phillips bc 1670 Shropshire England, m Jane Phen/Fenn
2.  John Phillips bc 1704 Shropshire England, m Elizabeth Lacor
3.  Thomas Phillips bc 1736 Shropshire England, m Susanna Pugh
4.  John Phillips bc 1776 Shropshire England, m Susan Overthrow
5.  John Phillips bc 1802 Gloucestershire England, m Elizabeth Lewis Webb
6.  Edward Webb Phillips b 22 May 1824 in Gloucestershire? England, m Ann Drinkwater
7.  John Charles Phillips b 14 Dec 1847 Gloucestershire England, m Sophronia Almira Hall

Kit number 157463

1.  James Phillips bc 1788 England, m Diana Morris
2.  Capt. Robert Morris Phillips b 1812 Hubbertson, Pembrokeshire, Wales, m Martha Newson
3.  Robert James Phillips b 28 Feb 1847 Rotherhithe, Surry, England, m Grace Ann Simpson
4.  Robert Norman Phillips b 15 Jan 1881 North Adelaide, South Australia, m Elizabeth Muriel Hopkins

Kit number 111094

1.  Possibly John Phillips d 1761 Cumberland Co NC, m Ester unknown 
2.  Possibly Dempsey Phillips, b bef 1754 NC (Cumberland Co?), m unknown
3.  Stephen B. Phillips bc 1773 SC, m Jane Hazelton?
4.  Jeremiah Phillips bc 1805 Greenville Co SC, m Martha (Patsy) Wynne
5.  William Robert Phillips b 24 Feb 1844 Greenville Co SC, m Mary Ann Hester
6.  Perry Phillips bc 1884-1888 Greenville Co SC, m Emma Lee Turner

Kit number 252466

1.  Payton Phillips b 5 Sept 1783 NC, m Rebecca Phillips, daughter of Jonathan Phillips
2.  Eli Phillips b Oct 1814 NC, m Matilda Viars
3.  John Wesley Phillips b 7 March 1857 Wilkes Co NC, m Rachel Catherine Woodie
4.  John Lovell Phillips b 10 Sept 1891 Ashe Co NC, m Sarah Etta Anna Long

Kit number 217625

1.  Daniel Phillips b 1778 Wellington, Shropshire, EnKitgland, m Ann Griffiths
2.  William Phillips b 1805 Wellington, Shropshire, England, m Mary Evans
3.  Thomas Phillips b 1844 Great Dawley, Shropshire, England, m Hannah Maria Wilson
4.  James Phillips b 1880 Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England, m Henrietta Lye

Kit number 258322

1.  Samuel Phillips b 1 June 1744 Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, England, m Elizabeth Udy
2.  Ralph Phillips b 16 June 1771 Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, England, m Margaret Thomson
3.  Samuel Phillips b 24 Feb 1798 Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, England, m Mary Trebilcock
4.  Francis (Frank) Phillips b 8 Nov 1830 Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, England, m Eliza Hosken
5.  Samuel James Phillips b 3 April 1860 Bendigo, Victoria, Australia, m Florence Louisa Planner

Kit number 196447

1.  Theophilus Phillips bc 1645 Newtown NY, m Ann Hunt
2.  Theophilus Phillips bc 1673 NY or NJ, m Frances unknown
3.  John Phillips bc 1695 Mercer Co NJ, m Anna Annatje Lott
4.  John Phillips b 18 Nov 1708 Hunterdon Co NJ, m Abigail Tindall
5.  Thomas Phillips b 16 May 1756 Mercer Co NJ, m Catherine unknown
6.  Ephraim Phillips b 20 Sept 1795 Cumberland Co NJ, m Ann Newton
7.  Thomas Wharton Phillips b 23 Feb 1835 Lawrence Co PA, m 1) Clarinda Hardman, m 2) Pamphila Hardman

Kit number 606103

1.  John Phillips bc 1750 NC, m Lucretia Phillips, daughter of Mark Phillips
2.  William Con Phillips b 14 Nov 1790 Montgomery Co GA, m Nancy Phillips, daughter of Royal Budd Phillips
3.  Anthony Phillips b 22 June 1814 Montgomery Co GA, m Sarah Sullivan
4.  William C. Phillips b 9 Jan 1834 Montgomery Co GA, m Elizabeth Williamson
5.  Meady Phillips b 21 Aug 1883 Emanuel Co GA, m Mary "Mollie" Kirby

Kit number 411788

1.  Thomas P or D Phillips b 1799 North Carolina, m Mary unknown
2.  Horace C. Phillips bc 1821 North Carolina, m Mary Strain
3.  Henry Clay Phillips b 24 Aug 1845 Madison Co TN, m Elmira Elizabeth Wilson
4.  Robert Clifton Phillips b 22 May 1881 Marshall Co MS, m Addie Mae Gipson

Kit number 101862

1.  Josiah Phillips b 1812 Cornwall, England, m Mary Langmaid
2.  Richard F Phillips b 1858 Cornwall, England, m Susan Bennetta
3.  Richard W Phillips b 1876 Lancashire, England, m Margaret Tootle
4.  Dick Thomas Phillips b 1910 London, England, m Agnes Connor

Kit number 905854

1.  James Phillips b 11 June 1797 Founsbit of Ferrie, Herefordshire, England, m Sarah Charlton
2.  Stephen Phillips b 9 April 1837 Streatham, Surrey, England, m Sarah Ann Stansbridge
3.  Charles Phillips Sr. b 11 Jan 1882 Retford, Bassetlaw District, Nottinghamshire, England, m Catherine Daisey Malins
4.  Charles Phillips Jr. b 25 May 1909, m Helen Louise Baldwin

Kit number 336507

1. Willyam Philp of Knightston Morchard Bishop Devon, bapt?, alive in 1600, m Johan Lee.

2. Gilbert Philp of Knightston Morchard Bishop Devon, bapt ?, will proved 1655, m Jone Gratlye.

3. John Philpe of Knightston Morchard Bishop Devon, bapt ?, alive in 1613, m?

4. John Philp of Knightston Morchard Bishop Devon, bapt ?, died 1689, m Wilmot Roade.

5. John Philp, bapt 01 November 1674 Morchard Bishop Devon, m Amy Shortridge.

6. Joseph Philp, bapt 05 November 1702 Morchard Bishop Devon, m Anne Battershill, m Sarah Rudall.

7. Samuel Philps, bapt 15 July 1744 Morchard Bishop Devon, m Elizabeth Billing.

8. Samuel Philps, bapt 11 January 1777 Morchard Bishop Devon, m Anne Radford.

9. George Philips, bapt 28 April 1811 Morchard Bishop Devon, m Mary Ann Foss.

10. George Philips, b 25 October 1844 Puddington Devon, m Sarah Nichols.

11. Frederick Phillips, b 18 March 1885 Cruwys Morchard Devon, m Mabel Heale.

Kit number 233001

1.  Joseph Phillips b 1842 Lostwithiel, Cornwall, England, m Cordelia Maira Seymour
2.  Thomas Seymour Phillips b June 1879 St. Winnow, Cornwall, England, m Asenath Cotton

Kit number 174738

1.  Possibly Mark Phillip bc 1784 GA, m Nancy Sheffield
2.  Charoes or Charles Phillips b about 1830 AL, m Cansada or Canazalla Hampton
3.  Oliver P. Phillips b 4 Jan 1855 AL, m Emma Lavinia Anderson
4.  William Edward Phillips b 11 Nov 1880 AL, m Della George Anderson
5.  Oscar Leonard Phillips b 11 April 1912 McClain Co OK, m Nora Aleen Skinner

Kit number 267832

1.  James Phelps/Phillips bc 1779 Dorset, England, m Sarah Bishop
2.  David Philips/Phillips bap 25 Oct 1812 Broadwinsor, Dorset, England, m Margaret Travers
3.  George Phillips b 29 June 1841 Broadwinsor, Dorset, England, m Elizabeth Bartlett
4.  Henry Alfred Phillips b 23 June 1866 Broadmayne, Dorset, England, m Annie Louisa Nicholls
5.  William James Phillips b 7 Dec 1895 Furness, Lancashire, England, m Violet Maud Newell

Kit number B861617

1.  Evan Phillips bc 1810 Lancaster Co SC, m Martha Cook
2.  Adam Phillips b 9 Oct 1846 NC, m Mary M. Russell
3.  James Lee Phillips b 4 Ag 1876 Mecklenburg Co NC, m Viola Elizabeth Ledwell
4.  Harold Lee Phillips b 13 Sep 1901 Mecklenburg Co NC, m Lois Ruth DeArmon

Kit number 196676

1.  David Phillips bc 1826 IL, m Millie unknown
2.  George W. Phillips bc 1874 Van Buren Co AR, m Mary Etta Gaither
3.  William David Phillips bc 1894 Van Buren Co AR, m Birdie Lee Cullum

Kit number 284217

1.  Jabez Phillips b July 1851 Southwark, London, England, m Eliza Ellen Bryant
2.  Alfred Henry Phillips b 8 Nov 1877 Southwark, London, England

Kit number 247737

1.  John Philipp bc 1800 Carmarthenshire, Wales
2.  Noah Philipp bc 1822 Carmarthenshire, Wales, m Gwenllian Morgan
3.  John Morgan Phillip b 17 Jan 1844 Glanamman, Carmarthenshire, Wales, m Mary Hughes
4.  Edgar Morgan Phillips b 21 Oct 1876 Loughor, Swansea, Wales, m Mary Louise Jones

Kit number 389248

1.  Daniel Philip b 1806 Carmarthenshire, Wales, m Elizabeth Thomas
2.  Daniel Phillip b 1834 Carmarthenshire, Wales, m Naomi Morris
3.  John Phillips b 1869 County Durham, England, m Ada Fanny Sawdon
4.  Harold Phillips b 1897 County Durham, England, m Ivy Josephine Davies

Kit number 117995

1.  George Rapps Phillips bc 1884 AL, m Catherine Jane Crane
2.  Robert Sampson Phillips b 26 Dec 1917 AL, m Betty Lorena Peacock

Kit number 81860

1.  William Phillips, bc 1813 TN, m Lucinda Cooper
2.  John Redding Phillips, bc 1850 Marshall Co TN, m 1) Mary unknown, m 2) Eular Phifer Phillips

Kit number 188896

1.  John Clark Phillips b 2 Sept 1835 Cornwall, England, m Elizabeth Ann Terrill
2.  Charles Schuyler Phillips b 1 Dec 1868 Iowa Co, MI, m Nora Bollinger
3.  Schuyler Waldo Phillips b 23 Dec 1908 Riverside Co, CA, m Onita Marion Stone

Kit number 115064

1.  William Phillips bc 1799-1801 VA, m Susannah Clark
2.  Allen Phillips bc 1824 probably Randolph Co VA (now WV), m Rachel Cross
3.  Abram Hiram Phillips b 4 May 1852 Randolph or Barbour Co VA (now WV), m Margaret Ramsay
4.  Howard Gordon Phillips b 7 May 1891 Barbour or Tucker Co WV, m Beulah Goff


1.  Edward Phillipson b 1823 England, m Mary Eliza Buriss
2.  John E. Phillipson b 1846 Grimbsy, Lincolnshire, England, m Sarah Ann Dixon
3.  Charles Dixon Phillipson b 14 Sept 1879 Steubenville, Jefferson Co OH, m Josephine Barry


1.  Adoloph Adami Philipps bc 1720 Germany or Luxembourg, m Margaretha Zimmermann
2.  Carl Caspar Philips b 6 Jan 1751 Luxembourg, m Margaretha Comes
3.  Nicolas Phillips b 22 Mar 1780 Altrier, Luxembourg, m Catharine Molitor
4.  John Peter Phillips b 13 Dec 1810 Altrier, Luxembourg, m 1) Margaret Schreiner, m 2) Josephine Barbe Susanna Gross
5.  Henry Peter Phillips b 26 Sept 1848 Graulinster, Luxembourg, m Anne Muenster
6.  John Peter Phillips b 7 Dec 1878 Black Hawk Co, IA, m Magdalena Schmidt
7.  Edward Francis Phillips b 4 June 1908 Black Hawk Co IA

Kit number 203276

1.  Thomas Phillips bc 1739 Wales, m Mary Elizabeth Carson
2.  James Phillips bc 1768 Lancaster Co PA, m Catherine Funk
3.  Henry Phillips bc 1800 Lancaster Co PA, m Charlotte Pease
4.  William Sheldon Phillips b 1862 Story Co IA, m Mary Ann (Molly) Peterman
5.  William Sheldon Phillips b 30 Jan 1890 Putnam Co MO, m Helen Marie Golden

Kit number 235453

1. Peter Phillips bc 1724 Pembrokeshire, Wales
2.  John Peters Phillips b 1750 Eglwyswen, Pembrokeshire, Wales, m Hannah Preas
3.  Thomas Phillips b 29 June 1768 Eglwyswen, Pembrokeshire, Wales, m Margaret Owens
4.  William Samuel Phillips b 29 July 1815 Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan, Wales, m Hannah Henderson
5.  Thomas Joseph Phillips b 1 Sept 1844 Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan, Wales, m Sarah Boden
6.  James Phillips b 25 Nov 1882 Dayton, Oneida, Idaho, m Elnora Mickelson

Kit number 347848

1.  William Phillips bc 1825 MS, m Rebecca unknown (possibly Snellgrove)
2.  Soldier Phillips b Aug 1862 Union Parish, LA, m Cynthia Elizabeth Malone
3.  Henry Lee Phillips b 24 Oct 1894 Union Parish, LA, m Elva Elizabeth Labritton

Kit number 794161

1.  Peter Philipps bc 1702 Reinsfeld, Rheinland, Prussia, m Eva Weber
2.  Michael Phillips b Jan 1740 Reinsfeld, Rheinland, Prussia, m Helena Eyden
3.  Nikolaus Phillips b 14 Mar 1771 Reinsfeld, Trier-Saarburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, m Anna Knop
4.  Peter Phillips b 8 Oct 1804 Geisfeld, Trier-Saarburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, m Gertrude Knippel/Knueppel
5.  Mathias Phillips b 2 Oct 1841 Geisfeld Trier-Saarburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, m Barbara Tils
6.  Frederick William Phillips b 21 July 1874 Marinette Co, WI, m 1) Lillian Barbara Musson, m 2) Mayme Catherine Stanton
7.  Marvin Mathias Phillips b 14 Aug 1918 Delta Co MI, m Mary Vinson

Kit number 199877

1.  Henry Phillips b Wales 1820s, m Christina McPhee
2.  Charles Phillips b 3 Feb 1878 New Zealand, m Barbara Orr
3.  Henry Robert Phillips b 29 Aug 1911 New Zealand, m Sybil Frances Hards

Kit number 210107

1.  Joseph Phillips bc 1744 possibly in VA
2.  Jacob Phillips b 1772 NC, m Sally Walker
3.  William Phillips b 3 June 1821 Franklin Co IL, m Sarah Boster
4.  William Jasper Phillips b 25 March 1849 Franklin Co MO, m Mary Jane Parks
5.  Orra Lafayette Phillips b 16 Dec 1882 Effingham Co IL, m Sophia Sonora Harrell

Kit number 273201

1.  Unknown man and Martha Phillips bc 1838 Coedcanlas, Pembrokeshire, Wales
2.  William Phillips b 12 May 1863 Haydenod, Coedcanlas, Pembrokeshire, Wales, m Arabella Rebecca Gay
3.  Thomas Llewellyn Phillips b 7 July 1892 Mill Bay Hill, Cosheston, Pembrokeshire, Wales, m Emma Davies

Kit number 336546

1.  Possibly Joseph Phillips bc 1741 Wales, m Margaret unknown
2.  Phillip Phillip bc 1801 Carmarthenshire Wales, m Mary unknown
3.  Joseph Phillips bc 1828 Carmarthenshire Wales, m Jane unknown
4.  Philip Phillips bc 1853 Glamorgan Wales, m Mary Anne Evans
5.  William Phillips bc 1889 Glamorgan Wales, m Maria Davies

Kit number 91667

1.  Jenkin Thomas bc 1678 Llanllwchaiarn, Cardiganshire, Wales, m. Jane Phillip
2.  Philipp Jenkin bc 1722 Llanllwchaiarn, Cardiganshire, Wales, m. Unknown
3.  Jenkin Philipp bc 1750 Llanllwchaiarn, Cardiganshire, Wales, m. Hesther/Esther Thomas
4.  Thomas Jenkin Phillips b 1775 New Quay, Cardiganshire, Wales, m. Elinor/Eleanor John
5.  Evan Phillips b 1808 New Quay, Cardiganshire, Wales, m. Margaret Griffith
6.  David Griffith Phillips b 23 Aug 1857 Cardigan, Wales, m. Anne Evelyn Monger
7.  Robert Lionel Phillips b 21 Feb 1898 Cilrhedyn, Pembrokeshire, Wales, m Eluned Alys Llewelyn Williams

Kit number 389237

1.  John Phillips bc 1700 Devon, England, m Christen Wall
2.  John Phillips b 26 July 1724, Devon, England, m Sarah Johnson
3.  James Phillips b 23 Sept 1753, Devon, England, m Mary Clapp
4.  John Phillips b 26 Aug 1787, Devon, England, m Sarah Back
5.  George Phillips b 11 Aug 1820, Devon, England, m Susan Commin
6.  John Phillips b 1844, Devon, England, m Elizabeth Mutton
7.  William Phillips b 25 Sept 1870, Durham, England, m Eliza Neil
8.  David Phillips b 14 March 1901, Northumberland, England, m Elizabeth Boddy

Kit number 112572

1.  Thomas Phillips bc 1780 Duplin Co, NC
2.  Martin Phillips b 19 Mar 1803, Duplin Co NC, d 08 Feb 1883, Old Pendleton District, SC, m Mary White
3.  David C. Phillips b 25 Jan 1836 SC, m Elizabeth Janie Wallace
4.  James Marion Phillips b 18 Aug 1866, Anderson Co SC, m Mary Climelia Smith
5.  James David Phillips b 04 Aug 1903, Anderson Co SC, m Ella Maude Julian

Kit number N2247

1.  William Michael Phillips, bc 1880 Wales, d 1948 Philadelphia PA, m Catherine McLaughlin
2.  John William Phillips, b 6 July 1910, PA, m Elizabeth Highlands

Kit number 502624

1.  Phillip Phillips b 1 Dec 1705 Hunterdon Co NJ, m Elizabeth Hunt
2.  Abner Phillips b 12 Feb 1717 Hunterdon Co NJ, m Elizabeth Hopkinson
3.  Phillip Phillips b 1779 VA, m Mary O’Neal
4.  Spencer Phillips b 1798 Iredell Co NC, m Cinthia unknown
5.  James P Phillips b 2 June 1825 NC, m 1) Fannie unknown, m 2) Nancy Witzell
6.  Joseph H Phillips (Cochran, Hyatt?) b 25 Dec 1857 GA, m Ida Watkins
7.  Joseph Andrew Phillips b 3 June 1887 Fannin Co GA, m Idell Waite
8.  Wendell Waite Phillips b 9 June 1913 Los Angeles, CA, m Florence Curry

Kit number 384377

1.  John Patrick Phillips probably died before 1846 in Ireland, m Mary Anne Byrne [or O'Byrne?]
2.  Thomas Phillips b July 1834 in County Sligo, Ireland, m Bridget Mulrooney
3.  James Joseph Phillips b 1876 St. Croix Co, WI, m Frances Bernadette Tobin

Kit number 208358

1.  Thomas Phillips d 1780 Rugeley, Staffordshire, England, m 1) Elizabeth Gretorix, m 2) Hannah Scragg
2.  George Phillips b 1762 Rugeley, Staffordshire, England, m Ann Wright
3.  Hugh Phillips b 1789 Rugeley, Staffordshire, England, m Elizabeth Webb
4.  Hugh Phillips b 1822 Rugeley, Staffordshire, England, m Mary Massey
5.  William Phillips b 1865 Rugeley, Staffordshire, England, m Maria Mountford
6.  Arthur Hugh Phillips b 1899 Rugeley, Staffordshire, England, m Gladys Nellie Sant

Kit number 110257

1.  John Phillips bc 1735, m Aevje (Eva) Barheydt
2.  Jacob Phillips b 2 Feb 1763 Kinderhook, Columbia Co NY, m Rhoda Owen
3.  Pieter Phillips b 23 Sept 1790 Kinderhook, Columbia Co NY, m Chloe Roberts
4.  Elijah Hubbard Phillips b 9 Oct 1828 Oswego Co NY, m Emeline Augusta Milton
5.  William Milton Phillips b 24 March 1856 Oswego Co NY, m Emily Louise Merchant
6.  Lyle Harrison Phillips b 6 Nov 1888 Oswego Co NY, m Betty Ermina Niebuhr

Kit number 32894

1.  William Phillips bc 1750
2.  William Phillips b 1 Dec 1781, m Grizella Rutherford
3.  Robert Phillips bc 1808, m 1) Elizabeth Burns, m 2) Sarah Jane Hanna
4.  William Phillips b 22 April 1834 Paisley Scotland, m Letitia Jane Gawley
5.  Samuel Phillips b 14 Dec 1879 Hasting Co Ontario Canada, m Mabel Theresa Perrin

Kit number 229431

1.  Sir Thomas Philipps of Picton Castle, Wales, bc 1430, m Joan Dwnn
2.  Owen or Owain Philipps of Cilsant, Wales, bc 1470, m 1) Jonet Lewys, m 2) Catrin John
3.  John "Leuanc" Philipps of Llanfyrnach, Pembrokeshire, Wales, bc 1500, m 1) Margred unknown, m 2) Annes Morgan
4.  Fabian Philipps of Llanfyrnach, Pembrokeshire, Wales, bc 1530, m Elsbeth Dafydd
5.  Dafydd or David Philipps of Penrhiw Gwial, Carmarthenshire, Wales, bc 1570, m unknown Davies
6.  John Philipps of Crug Iwan, Carmarthenshire, Wales, bc 1600, m Jonet Dafydd
7.  Thomas Philipps of Crug Iwan, Carmarthenshire, Wales, bc 1630, m Penelope Owens
8.  John Philipps b unknown date, m Margaret David 1729 in Cilymaenllwyd, Carmarthenshire, Wales
9.  Erasmus Philipps b 1734 Carmarthenshire, Wales, m Margaret Jones
10. John Philipps b 1761 Carmarthenshire, Wales, m Sarah Thomas
11. Thomas Philipps or Phillips b 1813 Trelech, Carmarthenshire, Wales, m Mary Thomas
12. Samuel Phillips b 1858 Llandefeilog, Carmarthenshire, Wales, m Eliza Ellen Davis
13. Harold Phillips b 1907 Llanelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales

Kit number 75412

1.  Possibly Jesse Phillips bc 1780 NC (Moore Co?), m Karen/Kereign (Johnson?)
2.  John Q. Phillips bc 1812 NC, m Irena Burris/Burroughs
3.  Jesse Burris Phillips b 4 Dec 1844 Overton Co TN, m Susan A Carr
4.  George Arthur (Doc) Phillips bc 1882 Hamilton Co IL, m Nora Mangis

Kit number 181886

1.  Nathan B. Phillips b 1821 TN, m Permelia Jane Taylor
2.  Albert G. Phillips b May 1853 TX (Panola Co?), m 1) Mary Malissie Caraway, m 2) Sarah C. Alderman
3.  Arthur B. Phillips b 10 Jan 1883 TX (Coryell Co?), m Phoebe C. Cheesman

Kit number B3458

1.  (William) James (Armond) Phillips b 1849 PA, m Susan Matilda Updegraff
2.  Ralph (Ralphieal) Leo Phillips b 19 Aug 1878 PA, m Minerva Lucretia Shanes

Kit number 922670

1.  John L. Phillips d 12 Oct 1880 Buena Vista, Chaffee Co CO, m Nancy Melcina Davis
2.  Dorsey R. Phillips b 8 Aug 1879 Kentland, Newton Co IN, m Karen Soveren Tofte
3.  John D. Phillips b 27 June 1912 Medford, Jackson Co OR, m Ethel Marie Skovlund

Kit number B842420

1.  Edward A. Phillips b 14 June 1851 Cherryfield, Washington Co ME, m Lucetia Ann Stratton
2.  Charles Edward Phillips b 5 Sep 1882 Franklin, Hancock Co MA, m Rachel Anne Doyle
3.  Edward Stratton Phillips b 4 June 1908 Caribou, Aroostook MA, m Regis Blanchard

Kit number SI14321

1.  Henry Thomas Phillips b Jan 1841 Cambridge, England, m Mary Holgate
2.  George Frederick Phillips b 28 Jan 1870 Transvaal, South Africa, m Maria Magdalena Swanepoel
3.  Crutchfield George Phillips b Nov 1907 Transvaal, South Africa, m Winifred Evelyn Shirley


1.  Alexander Phillips bc 1841 Devenport, Devon, England, m Elizabeth A. Phillips
2.  Ernest Thomas Phillips b 28 Dec 1883 St Georges in the East, London, England, m Mabel C. Coombe
3.  Douglas James Phillips b 4 Sept 1918 Vancouver, B.C., Canada, m Phyllis Patricia Oxborrow 

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