yLineages by Family Group

Family Group 069

Kit number 160099

1.  John Philip b unknown date and place, m Janet Ogilvy
2.  James Philip b 1756 Inverkeillor, Angus, Scotland, m Jean Dormand
3.  Andrew Philip b 1780 Inverkeillor, Angus, Scotland, m Isabella Reid
4.  William Phillip b 1819 Kirkden, Angus, Scotland, m Betsy Meffan
5.  Andrew Phillip b 1843 Inverkeillor, Angus, Scotland, m Betsy Rough
6.  John Phillip b 1869 Kingennie, Angus, Scotland, m Euphemia McQuattie
7.  William Phillips b 1894 Wellbank, Angus, Scotland, m Agnes Mortimer Smith

Kit number 199629

1.  John Edward Phillips bc 1800 London, m Elizabeth Fenner
2.  Edward Phillips b 1830 London, m Mary Anne Freemen
3.  John Charles Henry Phillips b 1864 Ayr, Scotland, m Dora Mary Seaholme
4.  Eric Phillips b 1915 Elephant and Castle, Southwark, London, m Gertrude M. Morgan

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