Phillips Research

Phillips Family From Yorkshire, England

My great grandmother was GRACE PHILLIPS born 26 May 1817 at Norwood, a small village near Harrogate close to the Yorkshire Dales.
Grace had 6 siblings who themselves or their families emigrated all over the world. Selecting 3 of these siblings:_
(1). JOSEPH PHILLIPS  baptised at Fewston on 6 January 1822 and married his cousin MARTHA PHILLIPS also at Fewston on 28 April 1845. They had 9 (yes, NINE) children of whom 4 were born in Yorkshire and 5 were born in Courtland, Wisconsin to where the family had emigrated in 1855.
Martha died in 1864. Joseph then married GRACE WARTERWORTH who had also emigrated from Yorkshire and they had 3 children.
Joseph Phillips died on 4 July 1906 at Courtland where he was a pillar of the community involved in the local school etc.
Elizabeth, the daughter of Joseph and Martha married Paul Hansen from Odense, Denmark at Courtland on 14 June 1869 and they went to live in Wood River, Nebraska. Mary Hannah Hansen born 22 December 1871 married Clarence Lux on 9 June 1897 at Wood River and their daughter, Gladys Marie Lux born 1899 became the famous artist and professor of art at Nebraska Wesleyan University.
(2) JONATHAN PHILLIPS. baptised at Fewston on 25 March 1827 married Martha Holmes in 1875 and he sailed to New York on the "Pevonia" from Liverpool arriving on 25 September 1882 with 3 children to join his brother who had been in Wisconsin for 27 years!
Jonathan died at Courtland 27 August 1902 and his grave alongside those of other family members is at Courtland cemetery.
(3). CHRISTOPHER PHILLIPS.  was born at Norwood on 12 June 1834 and he married Hannah Thackwray in June 1865. They had 5 children of whom 3 emigrated to Australia one of whom was Louisa (Louise ?)  baptised at Fewston 5 May 1867 who married Herbert Henry Thompson on 20 October 1897 at Rookwood Wesleyan Chapel, New South Wales, Australia.
Hannah Phillips died on 10 October 1868 and her grave is at Fewston.
On 23 September 1871 Christopher Phillips married Margaret Bell and they had 5 children of whom Joseph born 10 June 1878 and John born 28 July 1880  both emigrated to Estevan in Saskatchewan, Canada.
My files have much more information including certificates and photographs so I am very enthusiastic about contacting any Phillips family members living in any part of the world to exchange information about our family history.
Cynthia Jewitt