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Summer Sale at FTDNA

Family Tree DNA is running a summer sale on their DNA tests through the end of August. The 37 marker Y-DNA test is on sale for $109 plus postage and the 111 marker Y-DNA test is on sale for $219 plus postage. Although other tests are also on sale, please remember that our Phillips DNA Project only uses the results of the Y-DNA test to place men into Philips family groups. The Family Finder test and the maternal test will not work for the purposes of our project and neither will the Big Y 700 test, which tests a different type of marker on the Y chromosome. Here is a link to a page at FTDNA where you can order a Y-DNA test through our project so that your results will be included in our project:

Should you remove your data from

Here's a link to an article written by Dick Eastman on this subject. But I think his last sentence says it all: "Removing your data today from is a case of closing the barn door after the horse got out."

Our Family Tree is complicated

Here is a link to an interesting article entitled "DNA from an unknown ancestor found in modern humans"

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