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FTDNA's Father's Day Sale

Family Tree DNA's traditional Father's Day Sale starts today and ends June 18th. Be sure to order your test test through our Phillips DNA Project at this link.

Y-DNA111 was $359.00   now  $299.00
Y-DNA37 was $169.00   now  $129.00
Y-DNA67 was $268.00   now  $219.00
Big Y was $649.00   now  $499.00


If you have already tested at FTDNA and want to upgrade your test, here are the sale prices for upgrades:

Y-12 to Y-37:     $69
Y-25 to Y 37:     $35
Y-37 to Y-67:     $79
Y-37 to Y-111:   $168
Y-67 to Y-111:    $99


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