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Holiday Sale at FTDNA

Sale prices are in effect until closing time on December 31st.
Single Tests  

Family Finder (FF) $49
mt/mtPlus to FMS $109
mtFull Sequence $139
Y-37 $99
Y-67 $179
Y-111 $219
Test Upgrades

Y-12 to 37 $69
Y-25 to 37 $35
Y-37 to 67 $69
Y-37 to 111 $148
Y-67 to 111 $89
Big Y-500 $499
Y-12 to Big Y-500 $489
Y-25 to Big Y-500 $489
Y-37 to Big Y-500 $459
Y-67 to Big Y-500 $399
Y-111 to Big Y-500 $349
Bundles are an additional $5 off
Shipping and handling, which includes free return postage, is $12 and not included in the sale price.

If you want to order an upgrade, you should order from your existing personal page at FTDNA.

If you are ordering a DNA test for the first time, you should order through our Phillips DNA Project at this link so that your results will be included in our project:

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