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06/29/2009: Two new matches for Family Group 2


Our largest group, Phillips Family Group 2, has two new matches: kit number 152000 and kit number 154111 .  Both of these participants appear to possibly descend from Reuben Clementine Phillips who died in Anson County, NC, about 1781.  They match another earlier participant (kit number 50811) who also claims descent from Reuben Clementine Phillips.  Before DNA testing, none of these participants knew they belonged to Group 2.  The majority of the members of Group 2 trace their Phillips lines back to Maryland.  In addition, Group 2 has two British matches (kit number 96167 and kit number 106400).  The group also has a match with a man named McPhillips (kit number 53092) who traces his McPhillips line back to Ireland.

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