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07/02/2009: FTDNA Announces Another Sale!


I am surprised and pleased to tell you that FTDNA has announced another sale for the month of July.  Here are the DNA tests that will be on sale this month:

Y-DNA 37 Marker Test:  $119.00 (regular price $149.00)
Y-DNA 67 Marker Test:  $199.00 (regular price $238.00)
Mt-DNA Plus Test:  $119.00 (regular price $149.00)

These are the best prices, marker for marker, of any company in the market.  If you missed the sale in June, be sure not to miss this one!  FTDNA says they will not extend this sale beyond this month.  If you need help ordering a kit, please feel free to contact me at nancy2kiser at yahoo dot com.

If you don't know anyone to test and you want to help the project, please consider making a donation of any amount to the General Fund for the Phillips DNA Project.  We will use the funds to purchase kits for future participants or you can specify how you want your contribution to be used.  Here is a link to the page where you can make contributions:

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