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07/08/2009: The Incredible Human Journey is now on YouTube


The popular BBC series, "The Incredible Human Journey", in now on YouTube for the viewing pleasure of all those who do not live in the UK.  Here are links to all five episodes:

Episode 1 Out of Africa com/view_ play_list? p=4819BA29115297 8B

Episode 2 Asia com/view_ play_list? p=25F1CE2A2A8683 74

Episode 3 Europe com/view_ play_list? p=BCE9E52F5E89C4 67

Episode 4 Australia com/view_ play_list? p=E4271F6145850F 11

Episode 5 The Americas com/view_ play_list? p=A8CEC47E6A8FE5 65

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