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Tim Walls Phillips Family Photos (Group 10)


This photo and the following information was submitted by Tim Walls who is a member of Phillips Family Group 10.


 "Uncle Pete" as Harvey B. Walls was called by his nephew (my dad, John Walls), was born June 8, 1882 in Henry County, IN.
On March 24, 1894 Knightstown Friends Church, of Knightstown, Henry Co., IN received into membership on certificate from Duck Creek MM, [in the town of Greensboro,] Henry County, IN William F. Walls and wife Josie E. and children (Harvey and Mary).
When Harvey married Blanche Hunt, daughter of Sarah Holmes and George Hunt,  in 1903 he was listed as an electrician on the marriage application.
On March 23, 1916, Harvey was granted leave to join the Methodist Evangelical Church Knightstown. (source: Knightstown-Raysville Friends Meeting minutes)
(3.23.1916 Harvey glt ME Church Knightstown)
1920 Census, Henry Co., IN Wayne Twp, Knightstown. page , Enumerated 15 January 1920
Harvey B. WALLS, 37, Head, b. IN, father NC, mother IN, Occupation, Garage, location Own Garage.
Blanche R. WALLS, 35, Wife, b. IN, father IN, mother IN, Occupation House Keeper, Home.
Dorthy E. WALLS, 11, Daughter, b. IN, father IN, mother IN, Occupation None.
James H. WALLS, 8, Son, b. IN, father IN, mother IN, Occupation None.  (I met Cousin Jim Walls one time when I was about 10 years old, in 1968. He looked much like Will Walls did in photographs before he became white haired. Neither Dorthy or Jim had any children of their own, to my knowledge. My aunt Mary Elizabeth Walls Gradle stayed in touch with them regularly while they were in Florida.)
Harvey worked for his father, William Franklin Walls, in a car agency in Knightstown. The Walls moved to Putnam County, Indiana, where in 1930, Harvey worked as a manager at the telephone company. They returned to Knightstown in retirement (presumably sometime