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Gene Phillips Family Photos (Group 51)

John A. Phillips

John A. Phillips, 1849-1907, DeSoto, MS, son of John S. Phillips,1819-1872, grandson of Lewis Phillips, 1790-1860.


Harry Phillips

Harry H. Phillips, 1888-1941, DeSoto, MS, with Mary Jane Lee Phillips. Son of John A. Phillips.


Minnie Bertha Phillips

Minnie Bertha Phillips, 1882-c.1930, DeSoto, MS, daughter of John A. Phillips


Sons of Harry Phillips

These are the sons of Harry Phillips (1888) in Parish, AL about 1925. Gene's father was James Phillips (1911-1999). He was an architect and retired from the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel. His brothers were coal miners in north Alabama as was his father, Harry Phillips.