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Rod Phillips Family Photos (Family Group 9)


 Myrtle & Raymond Lewis

1 Myrtle & Raymond Lewis "Dutch" Phillips



My father was born 19 JUL 1899 in Carrollton, Carroll Co. Georgia. He was one of 8 children born to As Berry & Araminta Lucretia Phillips. Mom was born 30 JUL 1905. Mom and Dad were married 18 OCT 1925, and had 4 boys: Raymond Jr., Joseph Lewis, Rodric (me), and George Steven.  Raymond Jr. died at birth. Mom's ancestral surnames included: Carroll; Hamrick; McAllister; McRae; and Workman. The migratory path was through the Carolina's and north. See tombstone photo below.


 Sallie Lewis, Thelma Phillips & Araminta Lucretia Lewis Phillips

2  Sallie Lewis, Thelma Phillips & Araminta Lucretia Lewis Phillips



My grandfather Berry was born in Alabama in 1855. His parents were Lewis and Emeline Phillips, who migrated from Calhoun Co., Alabama to New Hope in Paulding Co. Georgia, where they are buried. On the left in this photo is Araminta's sister Sallie. In the middle is Thelma Phillips (Conway), my aunt. Aunt Thelma was born 14 DEC 1905, so this photo was taken is about 1907. See tombstone photo below. Berry died in 1918, and Minta in 1930.

 Raymond Lewis Phillips & Myrtle Carroll Phillips

3  Raymond Lewis Phillips & Myrtle Carroll Phillips



Mom and dad are buried at the Carrollton City Cemetery in Carrollton, Carroll Co., Georgia. Dad's sister, Dovey Mae Phillips Gray, and her family are buried in the family plot just west of the Phillips' plot. Uncle Ernest Phillips and Aunt Vannie Maud Phillips are buried beside mom and dad, as is Raymond Jr., and dad's brother Roy, who died at age 5. Dad's parents  As Berry and Araminta Phillips are buried right beside mom and dad. See next photo.

 As Berry & Araminta Phillips

4  As Berry & Araminta Phillips



Berry, according other Census' was a farmer, but in the 1910 Georgia Census, his occupation was listed as a blacksmith. I was totally unaware of that until I found it in the Census. Berry was hard to track in the Census because he was shown as "Berry", "Asberry" and "As Berry", and his tombstone simply shows him as "A.B. Phillips". Berry and "Minter" were married on 7 JUL 1878. He is in the Alabama census at age 3 in 1860 and in Paulding Co. Georgia in 1870 at age 12.


Emeline Hogan Phillips

5 Emeline Hogan Phillips

Lewis Phillips

6 Lewis Phillips




Lewis was a son of Joseph Phillips and his 1st wife Elizabeth Pressley. Lewis and Emeline migrated to Alabama together. They were married in Union Co., South Carolina in 1839. Berry was their first child not to be born in South Carolina, but Alabama. John, Joseph and Eliza were born in Georgia. Lewis and his family lived in the California District of Paulding Co., Georgia, and many of them are buried at New Hope Cemetery. One daughter, Mary, is buried near Joseph and Sarah Jane at Wellington, Alabama, just beyond the wrought-iron fence that surrounds her grandparents graves.


Joseph Phillips

7 Joseph Phillips 

Sara Jane Pressley Phillips

8 Sara Jane Pressley Phillips



Census' show Joseph had a twin brother. He is documented to have gone to Ohio with a group of Quakers, didn't like it and returned to South Carolina. He enlisted in the Army and served in the War of 1812, in spite of Quaker leanings. Afterwards, he married Elizabeth Pressley in about 1815 and sired several children by Elizabeth - including Lewis. Elizabeth died in about 1829. Her grave in South Carolina has not been found. Joseph married Sarah Jane Pressley, Elizabeth sister, in 1831. Joseph died a wealthy man 12 JUL 1859. Granddaughter Mary died 7 FEB 1860, and Sarah Jane died 28 OCT 1860.


Peter Phillips

9  Peter Phillips

Sarah Cooper Phillips

10 Sarah Cooper Phillips



I just saw these photos recently. They were posted by Bruce Cooper, and were taken at the Cooper-Phillips Cemetery in South Carolina. The names are listed as Peter and Sary, but there is a note that "This is Sarah Cooper Phillips." Sarah died 29 DEC 1842, and Peter died 12 OCT 1820. These dates match what I had documented for them both, but these were the first photos I have seen of the new tombstones. Note that the older ones were crated for storage. We owe Bruce a great debt for documenting the change over in photos, and possibly for having a part in "getting it done." Thank you Bruce.

Joseph Phillips Marker 



There has been a lot of discussion about the Phillips' and the Quakers. Joseph was serious enough about it that he went to Ohio with one group of Quakers, but didn't like it and returned to South Carolina where he enlisted in the Army. His grave has a special plaque honoring his service. This service is recorded in the  Database:  War of 1812 Service Records, Roll Box: 164,  Roll Exct: 602

 I visited Joseph's grave in 2003 and took this photo. It reads, "Joseph Phillips, Pvt., Capr. Fielder's Co., 1 SC Militia, War of 1812. May 4, 1790 - Jul 13, 1859."  I also took photos of all the Phillips' buried at there.