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George Phillips

12 Oct 2010 08:52 - 24 Feb 2011 18:21 #76 by nfp20
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I am looking for information on my paternal grandfather George Phillips and his family. I only have a little information available myself as I am at the start of my research.

They lived at 6 heol Rhian, Llanrhian, haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SA62 5BS in the 1950's and he married a lady named Gwen Rees, there was an article in the local newspaper on both Gwens death in 1959 and sadly a court case where George was prosecuted for child and animal cruelty within a year of his wifes death.

He was as far as I know a POW with the Japanese although I have been unable to find his records he died of TB in West Malling Kent although again I am struggling to find his records it was meant to be an army chest hospital in the early 1970's.

He has several children including my dad who is one of the children listed in the news paper article as having received a bloody nose. All the remaining children were taken into care 2 had already been removed as he had been unable to cope and a further two including my father were taken into care after the court case. One older child had already left home at 18yrs.

I would very much like to find more information as I have been unable to locate either his birth or death certificate being such a common name.

My fathers name is David Henry Phillips born 21st may 1950 in Haverfordwest. Gwen Phillips nee Rees is buried in Croesgoch Cemetery.

This is George Phillips and I at my christening in Littlehampton Sussex early 1973. I was told that he died a few years after this photo was taken.

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12 Oct 2010 11:34 #77 by NancyKiser
Replied by NancyKiser on topic George Phillips
If you would like, I will post your message to a private British mail list. There are some real experts on that list who know a lot more about research in the UK than I do. I am sure someone on that list will be able to help.

Best regards,
Nancy Kiser
Volunteer administrator

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12 Oct 2010 12:11 #78 by nfp20
Replied by nfp20 on topic George Phillips
that would be great thanks

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13 Oct 2010 13:27 #79 by NancyKiser
Replied by NancyKiser on topic George Phillips
I tried to post your message on the British mail list but I was told by the moderator that I could not post a personal message from another person. I suggest that you go to rootschat and post the message for yourself. Rootschat is a British message board. Here is a link to it: www.rootschat.com/

Also, if you have a male Phillips relative who would agree to take a painless and private DNA test, you might be able to learn more about your Phillips family. We have about 40 British participants in the DNA project.

Nancy Kiser

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26 Jun 2012 07:37 #1019 by RRRensch
Replied by RRRensch on topic George Phillips
Good afternoon Young Lady
By accident have I come across this article.
I have further news about some aspects of your family which might interest you.
If you could email me - or find me on facebook or message on twitter - same (avatar)
All the Best

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