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William D. Phillips Family Record

17 Dec 2010 15:04 #120 by Mamie
William D. Phillips Family Record was created by Mamie

William D. Phillips, born Janury 20, 1768, married August 26, 1796, Mary Spratlin, born April 28, 1807.
Their Children:
(a) James S. Phillips, born November 17, 1799, married Elcy Phillips May 26, 1824; children:
1. Amelia Ann Phillips, born April 24, 1825.
2. Tillitha Jane Phillips, born November 28, 1826.
3. Mary H. Phillips, born March 22, 1829.
4. Caroline Elizabeth Phillips, born January 21, 1831.
5. James Henry Phillips, born February 5, 1832.
6. Elijah William Phillips, born February 24, 1833.
7. Elcy Phillips, born Janury 17, 1837.
8. Tillitha W. Phillips, born November 15, 1838.
9. John Darwin Phillips, born March, 1841.
10. Frances Amanda Phillips, June 22, 1843.
11. Louisa Phillips, born August 13, 1845.
12. Arabella Phillips, born November 2, 1847.
13. Joel Haden Phillips, born November 2, 1848.

(b) Elizabeth Phillips, born February 13, 1798.
(c) Henry R. and Ambrose A. Phillips, born March 11, 1802.
(d) Warren J. Phillips, born August 27, 1804.
(e) William J.A. Phillips, born July 5, 1808.
(f) John H. Phillips, born February 28, 1810.
(g) Permeliam R. Phillips, born October 2, 1811.
(h) Davis M. Phillips, born June 4, 1813.

Source: Coweta County Chronicles, by Mary G. Jones and Lily Reynolds, printed by The Stein Printing Company, Atlanta, GA., 1928; Pgs. 797-798

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01 Sep 2011 13:43 #712 by prairiedog
Replied by prairiedog on topic William D. Phillips Family Record
Has anyone found this family in the DNA project? --MexDoyle

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01 Sep 2011 15:36 #713 by NancyKiser
Replied by NancyKiser on topic William D. Phillips Family Record
As far as I know, we do not have a descendant of William D. Phillips in the project, but I suspect he belongs to my Phillips Family DNA Group 8. I do know that Elcy, the wife of his son James S Phillips, was the granddaughter of Joel Phillips who died in Wilkes Co GA around 1812. Several descendants of Joel have been DNA tested and their Y-DNA matches that of Group 8.

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15 Mar 2014 15:26 - 15 Mar 2014 15:27 #1435 by NancyKiser
Replied by NancyKiser on topic William D. Phillips Family Record
I just noticed a mistake in the William D. Phillips Family Record. His wife, Mary Spratlin(g), was born April 28, 1776. This is from the bible of their son, James S. Phillips, who was born in 1799. Obviously, his mother could not have been born after he was born.

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16 Mar 2014 20:26 #1436 by Mamie
Replied by Mamie on topic William D. Phillips Family Record
I've double-checked the source. It was transcribed as published, therefore, the error occurred in compiling and editing the information before publication.

Elcy (Spratlin) Phillips' correct date of birth is also published under CAMP-PHILLIPS FAMILY.

We thank you for catching and bringing this error to our attention. It is a good reminder to carefully check every source for accuracy.

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