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William David Phillips Bible

25 Dec 2010 14:59 #152 by Mamie
William David Phillips Bible was created by Mamie
William David Phillips Bible

Children of William David Phillips and Ellen Virginia Wright, his wife:

Robert Clifford Phillips, 9/9/1884-1/9/1957 m. 9/24/1905 Louvella Josephine Young b. 9/30/1889, dau. of James A. and Elizabeth Jennings Young

Myrtle Irene Phillips, 9/16/1886 m. S.E. Wilson

Charles Wesley Phillips, 9/10/1888-4/14/1958 m. Nora Pearl Duke b. 2/11/1898, dau. of Eugene and Hattie Nelms Duke

Isaac Raymond Phillips, 8/25/1891-5/5/1952 m. Nettie Boatright 6/26/1895-5/9/1940, dau. of Willie C. and Laura Lasseter Boatright

Thomas Monroe Phillips, 2/14/1894-3/30/1977 m. 2/15/1914 Jennie Beatrice Tate 9/26/1895-1/28/1929 dau. of William Samuel Tate 6/12/1869-3/11/1950 and Lucy Cole Tate 10/21/1877-7/18/1909

Rachel Gordie Phillips, 7/17/1897-4/6/1949 m. C.C. Duke, son of Eugene and Hattie Nelms Duke

Infant, b. 8/24/1899

Clark Phillips, b. 12/23/1900 m. Eileen

Sylvia Gladys Phillips, 3/8/1904-2/1/1972 m. Thomas Grady Crews b. 10/14/1898, son of Joseph Thomas and Louvie Huff Crews

Source: Georgia Bible Records, compiled by Jeannette Holland Austin, published by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1985; Pg. 420

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25 Dec 2010 17:20 #154 by NancyKiser
Replied by NancyKiser on topic William David Phillips Bible
According to a file posted on Ancestry.com, William David Phillips was a descendant of Joel Phillips who died in Wilkes Co GA in 1792. Here is his pedigree, according to the Ancestry.com file:

William David Phillips b 1861 GA, m Ellen Virginia Wright
Robert Crowley Phillips b 1 June 1833 Walton Co GA, m Lucy Ann Neill
Henry Phillips b 11 March 1801 Morgan Co GA, m Lavinia Atkinson
Joel Phillips b 1748 Wilkes Co GA, m Charity Brantley
Joel Phillips b 1728, m Elizabeth Harrington

This file goes on to indicate that Joel was the son of William Phillips and Harriet Horn, which has now been proven through DNA to be incorrect. If the file is correct about William David Phillips' descent from Joel Phillips, then this line of Phillips belongs to Phillips Family DNA Group 8 and the parents of Joel were William and Ann Phillips of Anson County, NC, formerly of Orange County VA.

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06 Oct 2011 22:43 #772 by Lindy
Replied by Lindy on topic William David Phillips Bible
For what it's worth--This all neatly and closely fits letters and family histories in my direct line. I am descended from Robert Crowley Phillips and his first wife, Lucy Ann Neill. Known to my grandparents as "Crow", he and Lucy fathered this eldest son, Wm David Phillips plus two daughters, (1) Lula Phillips b 20 Apr 1866/ d 29 Dec 1966 and (2) Lucy Ann Phillips b 20 Dec 1870 / d 6 June 1941 and another son, my greatgrandfather Edgar Monroe Phillips ("Ed") b 29 Aug 1869 in Douglasville, GA / d 2 Apr 1933 on the Phillips farm just outside Mart, Texas.
Edgar Phillips married Ardell Frazelle; their youngest son was my grandfather, Carl Gilbert Phillips, b 28 June 1902 Mart, Limestone TX. Carl (C. G.) Phillips, a retired Houston banker, died 20 Mar 1974 in Houston.
The only significant difference in my own family history is that Robert Crowley Phillips is the son of Thomas Henry ("Henry") Phillips who was the son of Whitmell Phillips and Nancy Ann Hurley; Whitmell b 1775 is the son of Joel Phillips b c1735 (son of Joel Phillips and Elizabeth Harrington, this Joel presumably the son of William Phillips...??
Family stories have young Edgar Monroe Phillips accompanying his brother Wm David Phillips to Texas in the mid 1890s. For reasons lost to time, Wm David then returned to live out his life back home in GA, while Ed remained in Mart for his lifetime, becoming a prominent farmer there. I have letters to my grandmother ( Carl married Rubye Floyd Applegate, daughter of Claude W Applegate and Stella Watson (Applegate) of Mart) from cousin Tommie Phillips LaCavera with the above lineage.
Carl had only one child, a daughter, my mom.

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07 Dec 2011 05:33 #836 by randolphphillips1
Replied by randolphphillips1 on topic William David Phillips Bible
My grandfather, Robert Clifford Phillips, used to tell stories about living in Texas before moving back to Ga. in 1902 after his dad made 200 bales of cotton. They came back to Ga and bought a farm near Whitesburg in Carroll Co. He mentioned unlce Ed, and said his wife was dark, with black hair, and a lot of jewelry. They thought she was an american indian, but with the last name Frazelle she was perhaps of french descent.

The family moved to texas in 1892, and I have only seen "Thomas Henry Phillips" mentioned twice. Every record I have ever seen on the family merely lists him as "Henry Phillips". I would like to know the source of this.

I also see a problem with our linage. I checked for info on Henry Phillips in Morgan County and found where a Henry Phillips and Hardy Phillips were on the militia rolls for the county in 1811, and that in 1822 Henry Phillips died and Hardy was his executor.

Since our Henry named his children after the Joel Phillips family, I don't see how we could not be descended from them, but this Henry Phillips on the militia rolls could not be our Henry, but is he our Henry's father? If so, was he descended from the Joel Phillips family? Another puzzzle.

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07 Dec 2011 17:10 #837 by NancyKiser
Replied by NancyKiser on topic William David Phillips Bible
Hi, Randolph,

Did you ever get in touch with Joe Phillips, who also descends from Henry and Lavinia? He said he would give you a call. By the way, Family Tree DNA is holding a sale on DNA tests until the end of December, in case you are interested.

There was a Hardy Phillips mentioned in the will of Mark Phillips who died in Greene Co GA around 1817. Two descendants of Hardy have gotten DNA tested and their DNA does not match the DNA of Group 8. Instead, they belong to Group 53. Here are the pedigrees of the men in Group 53:


Kit number 190838

1. Probably Mark Phillips dc 1817 Greene Co GA, m Nancy (Bush?)
2. Hardy Phillips bc 1779 NC or GA, m Rebecca Veasey
3. Joseph L. Phillips b 10 Oct 1828 Greene Co GA, m Anne Terrell
4. John Henderson Phillips b 27 Aug 1859 Troup Co GA, m Ella Rebecca Philpott
5. William Clifford Phillips b 10 Cot 1881 Troup Co GA, m unknown

Kit number 163867

1. Probably Mark Phillips dc 1817 Greene Co GA, m Nancy (Bush?)
2. Hardy Phillips bc 1779 NC or GA, m Rebecca Veasey
3. James Thomas Phillips bc 1815 Greene Co GA, m Harriet Story
4. Seaborn Phillips bc 1844 Greene Co GA, m Elizabeth Hunton
5. Charles Robert Phillips bc 1872 GA, m Lillian Stout
6. Charles Alexander Phillips b 1906 Toledo OH, m Esther Oswald

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09 Dec 2011 03:33 #846 by randolphphillips1
Replied by randolphphillips1 on topic William David Phillips Bible
Mrs. Kiser, I have not heard from Mr. Joe Phillips. My landline is 706-846-2592 (no cell) and my address is Randolph Phillips, PO Box 303, Shiloh, GA 31826

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