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John Phillips, Lancaster Co. VA; Rich'd Phillips, Bristol?

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01 Oct 2011 00:44 #750 by Mamie
(1) RICHARD PHILLIPS of the City of Bristol, Marriner, being bound to Sea. Will 3 January 1703-4 proved 20 December 1704. One half of my goods and personal estate to the children of my uncle John Phillips in Virginia equally between them, and the other half to Hannah Cockayne, spinster, daughter of Thomas Cockayne of the said city, victualler. Executor: Jeoffry Peniell of said city, Linnendrapen. Witnesses: Margaret Lewis, J. Freke.

Ash, 239.
(There was a John Phillips of Lancaster county, who may have been the uncle referred to. On January 1, 1652, he was made Clerk of the county, and at the same time commissioned, Sheriff, “because the county was then in its infancy, and could not afford a subsistence.” The County Court was held in his house in August, 1653. No doubt, the records of Lancaster county could give more details in regard to him, and as to his children, if he left any. The records of this old county are quite complete, and the files of vellum bound books is unbroken; but the many authorities deserve severe condemnation for leaving these most valuable records in a room with a brick floor and without fire, where it is so damp that they have very perceptibly faded within the past few years.

John Phillips referred to, had the following grants:
(1) John Phillips, 240 acres on the north side of Rappahannock, adjoining the land of George Eaton, March 2, 1652; (2) John Phillips, 100 acres in the county of Lancaster on Powells Creek, March 3, 1652; (3) Mrs. John Phillips, 400 acres in the county of Lancaster on the north of Rappahannock at the head of a dividend, formerly surveyed for Captain Daniel Gookins, “by the side of a mountain” (this probably means a hill,) and on the west bank of Cassatawomen river, July 13, 1653; (4) John Phillips, 250 acres in Lancaster north of Rappahannock, July 13, 1653; (5) John Phillips, 100 acres in Lancaster, north of Rappahannock, adjoining his own land and that of Evan Griffith, July 13, 1653; (6) John Phillips, 200 acres in Lancaster on south of Rappahannock, and on “Barham or Burnham Creek or Sunderland, “lying at the head of a dividend of 200 acres in the possession of Edward Boswell, and adjoining the land of Evan Davy and Den. Conier, September 3, 1653; (7) John Phillips, 200 acres in Lancaster, south of Rappahannock at the head of 300 acres surveyed for Mr. David Fox, and adjoining the land of Thomas Browne, Oliver Carver and Mr. Richard Parrett, September 2, 1652; (8) John Phillips and John Batts, 500 acres on the north side of the freshes of Rappahannock in Lancaster county, about 14 miles above the “Nanzemun Towne,” adjoining 100 acres surveyed for John Weyre, September 7, 1654; (9) John Phillips, 300 acres on a branch of Occupason Creek and on a creek called Wassanasson, said land formerly granted by patent to Richard Coleman, January 11, 1652, and by him relinquished and now granted to Phillips, June 14, 1655; (10) Thomas Meads and John Phillips, 1000 acres on the south side of the freshes of Rappahannock, opposite a tract of 1400 acres surveyed for Richard Coleman, September 7, 1654; (11) John Weyre, John Gillet, Andrew Gilson and John Phillips, 4000 acres on the south side of the freshes of Rappahannock, about twelve miles above Nanzemun town, and on Weyre’s creek, September 7, 1654; (12) Sarah Phillips and Lt. Col. Moore Fauntleroy, 250 acres in Lancaster on the north of Rappahannock, due them by virtue of letters of administration on the estate of Mr. John Phillips, deceased and formerly granted to him July 13, 1653, now regranted January 5, 1656.-Ed.)

Sources: Virginia Gleanings in England: Abstracts of 17th and 18th Century English Wills and Administrations relating to Virginia and Virginians: A Consolidation of Articles from The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, by Lothrop Washington; Pgs. 140-141

(2) p. 18. Will of John Phillips, Whole estate to wife Sarah. Friend Moore Fantleroy (Fauntleroy) to be Admr. Dated 30th Oct. 1655. Wit: Vincent Stanford, James Yates his marke. Signed Jo Phillips. “Rec. 10 die February 1655” (1655/6).

Source: Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Volumes I -III, by Beverley Fleet, 1937; Pg. 104

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