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CSA:1st Lieut. J. M. Phillips; Comrades; 14th Reg't AL. Vol.

05 Sep 2012 20:05 - 05 Sep 2012 20:06 #1078 by Mamie
I am about to recount to the people of Alabama and to the world; the principal events of the war, connected with the service of the 14th Regiment Alabama Volunteers. Perhaps some one may think I attempt a task beyond my strength; but no man so well knows himself as not to attempt too much. Yet I shall not have to reproach myself with having omitted any commendable act; or to record any deed unworthy of the State or Government they have so faithfully served. Whatever I may say, I aim to speak the truth; and if I should mention anything not conformable to the general interest of the country, it will be an error of the head and not of the heart, and I declare in advance that I disavow it. It is pleasant to read a good history, but it is not so easy to write one. A large portion of this work I am aware, will disagree with impressions made upon the minds of the people of Alabama and elsewhere, by the stories of unjust and prejudiced minds. I ask only one favor of the reader, and that is, question the officers the Regiment, who have a right to know, before he disputes any act of the Regiment I herein relate.




Captain W H Brooks, resigned.
1st Lieutenant J L Craig, died Richmond, Va.
2d Lieutenant R A McCord, Captain; now Major.
2d Jr. J W M Bell, Killed 27th June.

Orderly Sergeant J A Terrill, wounded 5th May; now Captain.
2d Sergeant S R Hicks, died Richmond, Va.
3d “ J M Gardener, killed 5th May.
4th “ J H Dillard, died Richmond,- Va.
5th “ J Crow, died Dumfries, Va.

1st Corporal J W Holdridge, wounded 27th June and 17th Sept.
2d “ W Hancock. killed 27th June.
3d “ H Brook; now 3d Sergeant.
4th “ S. B. Hancock.

Musicians, H.H. Holdridge.
Wm Parks.

Andrews, J W .
Adair, W M. wounded 30th August
Amos, J M wounded 17th Sep’t
Allen, W.
Allen, O. wounded 17th Sep’t
Allen, John died Richmond, Va
Abrams, Jas died Richmond, Va
Abrams, S
Beckett, J C. . . .wounded 30th June
Billingsly, H B
Bradley, J C do do
Black, CM
Black, E W
Barron, Sam’l died Richmond
Bailey, John
Bailey, Wiley do do
Burnett, J M
Burnett, M wounded 30th June
Baker, E *wounded 5th May
Baker, Jas.
Baker, John..... wounded 27th June
Blair, G W wounded do now 4th Serg’t
Craddock, DC died Dumfries
Channels, Sam'l died Richmond
Channels, G W discharged
Cain. R H.
Crawford. P A died Richmond
Collins, W W killed 5th May
Cardwell, W W killed 30th June
Clayton, John died Richmond, Va
Clayton, C
Craig, Jas do do
Craig, Robt
Collins, Thos do do
Duncan, J T wounded 30th Aug
Dean, T M wounded 27th June
Dewberry, J A.. ...... . died Richmond
Dewberry, D J........ killed 27th June
Dillard, John
Dillard, Sam’l P wounded 27th June
Furgerson, Joel killed do
Goza, W S wounded do
Goza, B T now Orderly Serg't
Garrett, Wm…..died Richmond, Va
Graves, B discharged
Gamble, M N H died Fredericksburg
Goff, J A
Green, W H
Gardener, M G. wounded 30th June
Green, L died Fredericksburg
Green, J do do
Hays, J do Dumfries, Va
Holdrige, John wounded 27th June
Hammock, M G
Hammock , B P , killed 5th May
Henderson, R
Hawk, J M wounded 27th June
Humphrey, W H wounded do and 30th August
Joiner, J J , wounded 30th August
Jarvis, N M H. do do
Jarvis, J O M discharged
Jarvis,.W J L ...... died Richmond
Jones, M M wounded 27th June and 17th Sept
Jones, R M killed 5th May
Karr, J A wounded 27th June
King, A T
King, W W
Lindsey, W
Lindsey, B F wounded 17th Sept
Lindsey, Joseph Killed 30th June
Lee, T J wounded 5th May
Lee, W C died Dumfries.,Va
McGuire, W W killed 30th June
Mann, J B
Measles, Floyd killed 5th May
McWhorter, W B
Martin, John died Richmond, Va
Martin, S M
Nelson, H died Yorktown, Va
Nalls, N H , wounded 30th August
Osburn, A S .
Osburn. W I wounded 30th June
Patridge. Jas
Pope, B died Petersburg, Va
Pickett, J. B died Dumfries, Va
Phillips, J M. now 1st Lieutenant
Patterson, Thos
Reynolds A J
Rains, A G Chaplain
Shadix, T D
Shadix, J
Shadix, John wounded 27th June
Shadix, Sam’l discharged
Smith, D
Smith, J K
Smith, Sr, G W
Smith, Jr. G W
Smith, J W wounded 07th June
Smith, T P discharged
Shaw, J W
Shaw, C E wounded 27th June
Shaw, W L
Simpson, D G do do
Scott, B F
Sorrell, N R
Saltsman, F L.. wounded 30th June
Stephens. J C. died Richmond
Saffold, D wounded 5th May: discharged
Saffold, Wm 17th September, missing in action
Thompson W J
Thomas, Wm..
Thompson P died Yorktown
Thomas, P A died Richmond, Va
Veasey. H C now 2d Lieutenant
Vardeman, W F Killed 5th May
Wright, Robt discharged
Ward, W died Richmond, Va
Wolf, J H do do
Wolf. Jacob H do do
Wolf, T S killed 27th June
Wolf, A A wounded 27th June
Wolf, W G died Dumfries, Va
Young, J C died Petersburg, Va
Yates, M L.... kil'ed 30th June
Yates, Jas died Petersburg, Va

Killed 15
Wounded 34
Died 34
Discharged 7
Missing in action 1
Officers resigned 1


Present strength 83

Sources: History of the Fourteenth Regiment Alabama Volunteers, With A List Of The Name Of Every Man That Ever Belonged To The Regiment, by Marshall B Hurst, published Richmond, 1863; Pgs. 28-31

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