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PHILLIPS - Who Fought, Battle of Velasco, 1832 (Texas)

06 Oct 2014 10:13 #1493 by Mamie

Those Who Fought June 1832 Battle of Velasco Under Command of Captain John Austin. The following list was found in the archives files of the Texas State Library and contributed by Mrs. J.B. Golden, 2100 Hartford Rd., Austin, Texas 78703.

Editors' note: The first armed clash between Mexicans and Texans occurred at the site of old Velasco (Name was abandoned in 1957; now called Surfside). The battle was brought on by a customs quarrel at Anahuac, and was unknowningly fought after the dispute had been settled. John Austin and Henry Smith had gone to Brazoria to secure a cannon, and Domingo de Ugaretechea, commander of the Mexican fort at Velasco tried to prevent passage. On June 24, 1832 the Texans attacked the fort. Of the 112 Texans, seven were killed and fourteen wounded; three of these later died of their wounds. The Mexican forces had five killed and sixteen wounded. After nine hours of Texan fire, the garrison was forced to surrender.

Captain John Austin
Captain Henry Stevenson Brown
Captain William Jarvis Russell (Schooner Brazoria)

Editors' note: Captained by Russell, the Brazoria was a small vessel which was anchored at Brazoria when the preparations were being made for the Texan attack, and the vessel was commandeered to carry a company of soldiers and the cannons taken from the ARIEL to support the ground troops.

Lieut. Thomas B. (Tecumseh) Bell; Lieut. John Wurts Cloud; Lieut. Henry Smith; Lieut. Henry Harris Wharton; Sgt. Valentine Bennet; Sgt. Charles A. Betner; Sgt. Thomas Chaudoin; Sgt. George B. McKinstry; Sgt. Asa Mitchell; Cpl. Manus Berry; Cpl. Edward Jeffery; Interpretor James M. Woodson; Ephraim Anderson; D.W. Anthony; James Briton Bailey; Smith Bailey; Theodore C. Vennet; Lewis Boatright; Sylvestor Bowen; Andrew Bradley; A.W. Breedlove; Stephen A. Brown; Antonio Buckner; Robert James Calder; James Pecham Caldwell; Thomas Chaudoin; Theordore Foster Converse; Charles Covington; Euclid M. Cox; Thomas F. Crosy; Hinton Curtis; Emory Holman Darst; Morton Donohoe; William R. Donald; John Drinkard; Joseph A. Dupong; Joseph Fessenden; Thomas Fletcher; John Randolph Foster; Andrew Jackson Harris; Mathew Harris; Elsey Harrison; Edmund Saint John Hawkins; Milton Hicks; Garren Hicks; Mathew Thomas Hinds; John Hodge; James Hughes; Peter M. Hughes; Thomas Jamison; Allen Larrison; Jacob C. Lyons; Isaac Maiden; Joseph S. Martin; Mate of Schooner Brazoria (Name Unknown); Elisha Maxey; John C. McLaughlin; John Granville McNeel; Pinkney Shelby McNeel; Sterling P. McNeel; Thomas Medlock; David H. Milburn; Andrew Grandville Mills; Robert Mills; Benjamin Franklin Mins; A.G. Mitchell; Thomas A. Moore; Thomas Westhall Moore; Henry W. Munson; Thomas Osborne; Dr. T.F. L. Parrott; William Hester Patton; Abraham S. Peck; Samuel W. Peebles; James Pevihouse; Samuel Pharr; JAMES RAY PHILLIPS; SIDNEY PHILLIPS; John Pickering; George W. Rawls; Pendleton Rector; Joseph Reese; Edwin Richardson; Phineas Ripley; Arthur Robertson; Edward Robertson; Joel Walter Robison; John G. Robison; Andrew Scott; William H. Settle; Robert G. Slayton; Abraham Smeltzer; William C. Smith; Dr. Charles Bellinger Stewart; Edmund Stroder; Hiram Thompson; James Thompson; Martin Varner; David Webb; Andrew E. Westall; James M. Westall; Thomas Westall; Samuel Addison White; Jesse Williams; Robert H. Williams; Leiper Willoughby; Edward Winston; Samuel Wolfenberger. -end of list-.

Source: The Texas Genealogical Society, Stirpes, Volume 21, No. 3, September 1981; Pgs. 179-180

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