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GA: Phillips - In War 1813-1814

07 Oct 2011 16:28 #773 by Mamie
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Source: Memoir of Gen. David Blackshear: including letters from Governors Irwin, Jackson, Mitchell, Early, and Rabun, and from Major-General McIntosh, Brigadier-General Floyd, and other officers of the army in the war of 1813-14 on the frontier and sea-coast of Georgia; and also letters from members of Congress, Dr. Moses Waddel, and others, by Stephen Franks Miller, published by J.B. Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia, 1858;

Pg. 138
Muster-Roll of militia stationed at Forts Pike, Mitchell, Greene, and Laurens, agreeable to the returns of the subaltern officers ordered to take command at each of the described forts on the frontier of Pulaski county, for thirty-eight days, as will appear in the four detachments under the command of Captain Allen Tooke, commencing August 14, and terminating September 20, agreeable to Gen. David Blackshear's orders of August 9, 1813.
Captain, Allen Tooke
Ensign, Thomas Cole
Sergeant, Hazel Holley
Corporal, Joshua Lee
…….Isaac Phillips…….

I hereby certify upon honor the above muster-roll to be a true return of all the men in service at the forts of Pulaski, as above stated. September 20, 1813
(Signed) Allen Tooke,
Captain commanding.

Pg. 145
Georgia, Pulaski County.—Muster-Roll of a detachment of militia stationed at Forts Peter, Mitchell, and Greene, under the command of Captain Fort Alford, agreeable to regular orders of 6th August, 1814.
Ensign, Martin Pipkin
Sergeant, Barnabas Pipkin
Corporal, Arthur Alberson
……Nimrod Phillips

NOTE: There are three units listed; Nimrod Phillips served in NO. II.

Pg. 146
Muster-Roll of a volunteer company of light-infantry under the command of Captain Henry Lane, in the service of the State of Georgia, commanded by Col. Thomas Coleman, Commandant, from the 10th November, when last mustered, to 17th November, 1813.
Captain, Henry Lane,
Ensign, Thomas Atkinson,
1st Sergeant, John Hollis,
2d Sergeant, John Middleton,
3d Sergeant, Leroy McCay,
4th Sergeant, Jonathan Walker,
1st Corporal, Wiley Heflin,
2d Corporal, Emanuel Smith,
3d Corporal, James Studard,
4th Corporal, Hiram Phillips.
1 Thomas Allman,
2 Jesse Brantley,
3 Isaac Bankston,
4 John Bridges,
5 Washington Beard,
6 Jeremiah Burges,
7 John Bassett,
8 James Childers,
9 John Cobb,
10 Peter Kimball,
11 Charles Duke,
12 Joshua Dodson,
13 Martin Gentry,
14 Comer Gentry,
15 William Griffith,
16 Joseph Hackney,
17 Green Henderson,
18 John Y. Horston,
19 Seaborn Jones,
20 R. Q. Lane,
21 Archibald Lane,
22 Samuel Lane,
23 Andrew Matthews,
24 Laban Mobley,
25 Elijah Myers,
26 William Myers,
27 Parke Middleton,
28 Eli Nance,
29 Hawkins Phillips,
30 James Phillips,
31 William Ruff,
32 Alexander Rather,
33 Joseph Ray,
34 Robert Ray,
35 William Raines,
36 David Sparks,
37 Abel Sparks,
38 William Thompson,
39 Hugh Thompson,
40 Wiley Thomas,
41 John Townsend,
42 Sampson Wilder,

I do certify on honor that the within muster-roll exhibits a true statement of the company under my command.
(Signed) Henry Lane.

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