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Phillips-Confederate Soldiers, Rusk Co. TX.

27 Oct 2011 22:07 #796 by Mamie
Born: abt. 1845
Died: 31 May 1927
Buried: West Mountain Cemetery, Upshur Co., TX.
Spouse: (1) Mary Blakely; (2) Martha J. Yarbrough m. 25 June 1874
Parents: Alpha & Elizabeth Edwards Phillips
Service: Captain James B. Liken’s 35th Texas Volunteer Cavalry
Comments: Sergeant

Born: September 1840 GA.
Died: 10 August 1921 Henderson, TX.
Buried: Crow Cemetery (no dates)
Spouse: Mrs. Lola Ella Hill, m. 10 March 1875 (marriage records) 10 March 1870 (pension date)
Parents: possibly son of Nancy Phillips
Pension: 11620
Service: Captain Hullum D.E. Redwine’s Co. E., 10th Texas Volunteer Cavalry
Comments: Served September 1861 till surrendered 26 May 1865 at New Orleans; applied for pension 27 September 1905; son, Tim Phillips, of Henderson

NOTE: Caleb Phillips, s/o Joshua Phillips and Nancy Weeks, who md. 10 June 1825, Morgan Co. GA.

Born: 12 December 1854
Died: 14 September 1938
Buried: Crow Cemetery
Spouse: Caleb Phillips, m. 10 March 1875 (marriage record) 10 March 1870 (pension date)
Pension: 37558

NOTE: Mrs. Lola Ella Hill, d/o Charles S. Hayden and Mary C. Oberthier

Born: 4 December 1846 Coosa Co. AL.
Died: 26 August 1918 Rusk Co., TX
Buried: Pine Hill Cemetery
Spouse: Mary A. Emanuel, m. 17 February 1875 Cherokee Co., TX
Parents: David & Rutha R. Ogletree Phillips
Pension: 30076
Service: Co. A. Jimmerson’s Regiment, Whitt’s Battalion of Infantry
Comments: Discharged at Tyler 15 May 1865; Mason; came to Texas 1849

Born: 8 October 1853 Talbot Co. GA
Died: 16 October 1924
Buried: Pine Hill Cemetery
Spouse: Charles Edmon Phillips
Pension: 35406
Comments: In Texas 43 years in 1918

Born: 16 April 1832 GA.
Died: 21 April 1910
Buried: Crow Cemetery
Spouse: M. Elizabeth, m. ca 1856
Pension: 11111
Service: Captain Caleb J. Garrison’s Co. D., 34th Texas Volunteer Cavalry; also Captain Isaac Dansby’s Co. G., 18th Texas Volunteer Infantry
Comments: Applied for pension 22 April 1905; disabled in service; 1864 Indigent List, 1 dependant; 1865 Indigent List, 2 dependants

NOTE: He was s/o Joshua Phillips and Nancy Weeks.

Born: abt. 1818 SC.
Died: 5 April 1897
Spouse: Ann, m. 24 January 1854 GA.
Service: Captain William G. Engledow’s Co. A., Robert’s Regiment Texas Volunteer Cavalry about 1 year
Comments: Came to Rusk Co. in 1858; 1864 Indigent List, 6 dependants; 1865 Indigent List, 4 dependants

Born: abt. 1818 SC
Spouse: Francis Gardner Phillips, m. 24 January 1854 GA
Pension: 03529
Comments: Applied for pension 29 June 1899

Born: 14 October 1848 Coosa Co. AL.
Died: 14 April 1935
Buried: Bridges Cemetery
Spouse: Zera
Parents: David & Rutha R. Ogletree Phillips
Pension: rejected pension application
Service: Jimmerson’s Regiment
Comments: served January-April 1865

Service: Captain James M. Barton’s Co. G, 10th Texas Volunteer Cavalry
Comments: Organized July 1861

Born: November 1830 GA
Died: 5 May 1921
Buried: Pine Hill Cemetery
Spouse: Caroline Propes
Pension: 12122; also rejected application
Service: Co. C., 1st Texas Volunteer Infantry Regiment
Comments: Enlisted 1863; discharged in 6 months due to sickness; died at home of father-in-law, R.W. Propes. Listed as divorced in 1900 census; 1865 Indigent List, 4 dependants

NOTE: TX. Death Cert. #14956 states he was buried: Pine Grove Cemetery. Tombstone erected at his gravesite in Pine Grove Cemetery states his name as: Thomas Crammer Phillips. He was the s/o Joshua Phillips and Nancy Weeks.

Born: May 1844 AL
Died: 12 February 1909
Spouse: Eliza W. Glaze; (2) Lizzie Clark
Parents: Wilder & Christian Fears Phillips
Pension: 11617
Service: Co. E., 6th Alabama Cavalry
Served: 1863 to 1865; applied for pension 6 May 1906; came to Rusk County in 1871; suffered from abscessed lungs

Source for all the above: Rusk County Rebs, State of Texas, County of Rusk, compiled by Kathryn Hooper Davis, Carolyn Reeves Ericson, published by Ericson Books, Nacogdoches, Texas, 1998

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