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SC: Capt. Zachariah Phillips, Rev. War; buried in..........

23 Nov 2011 21:06 #810 by Mamie
(Mrs. A.W. Richardson, State Regent.)
Columbia Chapter, of Columbia, has 44 members. This chapter has in prospect a monument to the patriots of the revolution, which will be one of the beautiful columns of the statehouse, left over from the granite work now being done. The statehouse commission hits considered the petition of the Columbia chapter most favorably, and will recommend the donation of this handsome column to the Daughters of the American Revolution in South Carolina. It only remains for the legislature to ratify the recommendation of the commission, when the monument will be erected by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

The chapter cares for and on all memorial occasions decorates the graves of the following revolutionary soldiers buried in Columbia:

Capt. Swanson Lansford: A native of Virginia, and for many years a resident of Columbia, died August 7, 1799, aged about 40 years. He was a member of Leo's Legion in the eventful period of '76.

Robert Anderson: Colonel of the Upper Ninety-Six Regiment from April 18, 1781, to March 30, 1783; he was captain previous to the above dates.

Maj. Hicks Chappell: Born March 6, 1757, died March 11, 1836; served through the whole of the revolutionary war. He is buried in the old Baptist churchyard at Columbia, S. C, and his epitaph is found and grave verified.

Gen. Wade Hampton: Colonel in revolutionary war; major-general in war of 1812.

Gen. Peter Horry: Served through revolutionary war. He died February 28, 1815.

Capt. Zachariah Phillips: Served through the revolutionary war; died September 8, 1821, aged 44 years. He was a native of Virginia.

Maj. Alexander Gregg: Died December 12, 1823, aged 57 years. Served in the revolutionary war.

These are buried in Trinity churchyard.

Source: Congressional Edition, 57th Congress, Fourth Report of The National Society of the Daughters of the Revolution, Vol. MMMMCCL, Oct. 11, 1900-Oct. 11, 1901; ; Pgs. 327-328

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23 Nov 2011 22:22 #811 by NancyKiser
There is an obvious problem with Capt. Zachariah's age. If he died in 1821 at the age of 44, then he was born around 1777. The Revolution went from 1775 to 1781. He would have been too young to serve in the Revolution.

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24 Nov 2011 20:42 #812 by Mamie
Re: Zachariah Phillips, of South Carolina.

Additional verifiable sources should be pursued before accepting info as stated in this post.
The following "South Carolina Dept. of Archives and History" website of searchable indexes may be of interest. Here's the link:



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