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1. Did you run a results match with FTDNA if applicable?
2. How many markers were you off out of 12? Out of 25? Out of 37?
3. If you had no matches in the Phillips DNA Project, did you upload to ySearch?
4. What markers were you mismatched on?
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Submitting Y-DNA Results

13 Sep 2016 12:10 #1746 by Lisa
Submitting Y-DNA Results was created by Lisa
My Dad's results came back for Kit#527402 and I suspicion that he may be a match for Phillips Group 17. Our surname is Lawrence and we have hit a wall trying to find my Great Great Grandfather. How do I submit the results to be included on the results chart? Thanks!

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13 Sep 2016 17:25 #1747 by NancyKiser
Replied by NancyKiser on topic Submitting Y-DNA Results
Hi Lisa,

Your father's results have been added to the Phillips DNA Project but he does not match the Y-DNA of Group 17 or any Phillips at all at the 37 marker level or the 67 marker level. His closest match at 67 markers is a man named William Walker. You might want to contact William to share genealogical information to see if your ancestors lived in the same place at the same time.

Your father's most frequent matches are with the surname Jackson (7 matches) and Crabtree (5 matches). Several of the Jacksons and Crabtrees have tested out to 111 markers, so you might want to consider upgrading to 111 markers to see if he still matches these men at that level.

Nancy Kiser
Volunteer administrator
Phillips DNA Project

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