× Tips for posting your questions for DNA Test Results Help

1. Did you run a results match with FTDNA if applicable?
2. How many markers were you off out of 12? Out of 25? Out of 37?
3. If you had no matches in the Phillips DNA Project, did you upload to ySearch?
4. What markers were you mismatched on?
5. Be as specific as you can.

Deep Clade Results

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16 Nov 2011 03:30 #807 by flash1952
Deep Clade Results was created by flash1952
Okay...What do I do next?? Looks like that I hit the "brick wall" Suggestions are most welcome.

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16 Nov 2011 15:56 #808 by NancyKiser
Replied by NancyKiser on topic Deep Clade Results
Hi William,

The results of your Deep Clade test indicate that you belong to the R1b1a2a1 haplogroup. You are positive for the SNP known as L150 but you are negative for all the other SNPs that help refine R1b1a2a1. You also still have no close matches with anyone in the FTDNA database. This means that even though you belong to a very common haplogroup (R1b1a2a1), your subgroup within that common haplogroup must be pretty rare. All you can do at this point is wait for the scientists to discover more SNPs and/or wait for a close match to get tested at FTDNA. I know this is frustrating, but you just have to be patient.


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