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Gabriel Altamont Phillips

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(1) Altamont Phillips, a graduate of Hammonton High School, and for a time teacher here, graduated at Princeton University last week. His parents and others of the family attended Commencement. We tender congratulations to the young man, who has worked hard for the honors received.

Source: South Jersey Republican, Hammonton, New Jersey, Saturday, June 26, 1915; Pg. 3, Column 2

Gabriel Altamont Phillips
Gabe Phillips left us on June 2, 1967 at the age of 77 while a patient at the New Jersey State Hospital at Ancora, N.J., having been at the hospital only a few weeks.

Gabe had become totally deaf and as a result had withdrawn from close association with anyone, contenting himself with his books and his thoughts. Gabe was born in Hammonton, N.J. and lived there all his life. He never married. He prepared for Princeton at the Hammonton High School and the Francis Select School in Pennsylvania. On the campus during undergraduate days Gabe was a warm, quiet, friendly person, and he was that way all his life. He loved Fifteen and he loved Princeton and he was back there just as often as he could manage it. He was well liked and respected in the Class and his thoughts and opinions on many subjects were listened to with thoughtful attention.

Gabe's life was devoted to teaching and he taught English in Frankford High School in Philadelphia for 30 years, and later worked in the Division of Educational Research in the Philadelphia schools.

Gabe was never affluent but out of what he had, for many years, gave a scholarship each year to a student in Hammonton High School to help and encourage him to go on to college earlier than he might otherwise be able to do. Gabe made a considerable hobby of photography and was very proud of his collection of color pictures of flowers that he took in England and elsewhere in Europe. He traveled extensively in both America and Europe, and his memberships in the Geographical Society of Philadelphia and the Frankfort Symphony Society indicate the scope of his many interests.

But his increasing deafness, until it became total, caused Gabe to draw into himself and in his last few years he kept very much to himself. He was back to Princeton for his last visit at our Fiftieth Reunion. We shall miss our good friend and classmate, Gabe Phillips, and to his sister, Elizabeth and others who cared for him and whom he has now left behind, we extend our utmost sympathy.
-The Class of 1915.

Source: Princeton Alumni Weekly, Volume LXVIII, No. 2, Princeton University, September 26, 1967; Pg. 19

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